Review: Rachel’s Organic Mango Yogurt

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Big pots of yogurt like those by Rachel’s are great for keeping in the fridge to use at breakfast time and for deserts. This is the new Mango flavour, which is absolutely perfect for summer.

Rachel's Organic Low Fat Mango Yogurt

The mango flavour is utterly gorgeous. The yogurt is smooth and creamy and full of flavour, with bits of mango thrown in too to give added texture and meaning this is as good on its own as it is with other things. Mango is one of those flavours that goes with everything. It is easy on the palette, not too sweet, and works well with pretty much any other flavour out there – ideal for using over cereal, with ice cream, as a topping for meringues, over other fruit.

Rachel's Organic Low Fat Mango Yogurt

Rachel's Organic Low Fat Mango Yogurt

I shared the six post of this yogurt I was sent with my colleagues at work and it has gone down well with everyone. We all agree it is really lovely – it satisfied our afternoon sweet-cravings without leaving us with a sugar high. My friends have tried it as an accompaniment to various other foods and have commented on how versatile it is. I’m told it is good for baking too, although I’ve not tried that yet.

Rachel's Organic Low Fat Mango Yogurt

Honestly, I cannot find fault with this yogurt. If you like mango and like yogurt you will like this. I think it’s now my favourite flavour by Rachel’s.

Disclaimer: I was sent some Rachel’s mango yogurt to try out for Splodz Blogz. I have not been told what to write and have been no less honest as a result.

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  1. Galina V

    We also loved this yogurt. Very moreish! (And I need to do a review as well).

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