Top 25 Summer Workout Tips for Families from LA Fitness

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It’s the school holidays and if you’ve got the kids at home, keeping fit is probably the last thing on your mind.  But it’s important to keep active even with the kids around, so here are some great summer workout tips for families… 

1. Forget the weight and concentrate on the exercise
This is important, obsessing on weight-loss will quickly turn into boredom which quickly turns into no exercise. Involving the kids in star jumps and squats will help you concentrate on the exercise.

2. Set some goals
Realise it is a holiday and your time is precious and set goals for your exercise accordingly.

3. Push yourself but set some limits
It’s good to work hard, but this is not about exhaustion, so don’t overdo it, and that goes for the kids too!

4. Have a rest day
Muscles need time to recover from a training routine, so take a day off and take the kids to the cinema.

5. Allow yourself some fun
Indulge yourself sometimes. Cheat on your diet, skip an exercise routine, buy pizza and ice cream for everyone, just not every day.

6. If you are low on time, think muscle
Muscle training burns more fat, so if you don’t have a lot of time, whip out the weights. Not so good for kids, so this is something you will need to do alone.

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7. Jog in the morning
If running is part of your regime, do it in the morning, it can increase your energy levels for the rest of the day, and that goes for children too. The Daily Mile is a great resource for people wanting to go for runs.

8. Ramp it up
Don’t get comfortable with an exercise, when it becomes easy, ramp it up a level. Get the kids to count the reps you do, you’ll be surprised at how it will spur you on.

9. Watch your alcohol intake
Alcohol is calorie heaven, keep away from it if you can while you are training, or at least cut down.

10. Watch some videos
Exercise ones of course! These are also great for getting the kids active. Another way is to whip out the dance moves and tone your core. It is also great fun!

11. Drink water
In fact drink plenty of water as it will limit the amount of food you can eat. It’s also good for kids to drink water as well: if you are in the habit, they will be too.

12. Use the local exercise park
Most towns have one of these, so use it as part of your daily routine. The kids can play on the swings while you throw yourself along the beams.

13. Warm up and down
Before and after any exercise, do some stretches for 5-10 minutes.

14: Don’t buy danger foods
If they’re not there, you are less likely to eat them, and that goes for your children too.

15: Do some gardening
Using a shovel to dig over the ground is a good workout, so get to it!

16: Go for a swim
This is a great all round exercise, and the kids can come along too.

17: Walk to some friends
Walking is great exercise, so get out and walk to a friend’s house, or meet them half way and go for a walk into town.

18: Skip
Great fun and great exercise so get out the skipping-rope and teach your kids the double-dutch.

19: Get on your bike
Cycling is good exercise, so pull out the bike and give it a go. Get the children on their bikes and cycle to the park. Make use of cycle lanes and other big spaces.

20: Put on that dress
Or shirt if you’re a guy! By wearing the dress you want to fit into you will see how well you are doing and reinforce your goals. It will make you feel good, look good and get you in the summer spirit.

21: Buy a dinghy
Rowing is very good exercise especially if you live by the sea and fun, so get down to the local boating lake/rowing club and give it a go.

22: Play some ball games
Fun for the kids and great exercise for you, just try to not hog the ball.

23: Go skating
Roller blading is a great exercise for toning and improving fitness. It is fun and a great skill for kids to learn, like riding a bike. Search your local area to find a suitable place, empty car parks are a great space to learn in.

24: Have a family sports day
Sack races in the back garden, egg and spoon race in your own back garden!

25: Laugh a lot
As summer workout tips go, this is one of the most important. If you’re having fun, everything is easier, so laugh some more. It is also proven the best form of medicine.

Visit the LA Fitness Summer Tips page, to get more ideas.

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