A Things to Do Update

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My big list of things to do came about a few years ago for the simple reason that I wanted to make plans to do lots of interesting things before I was 30, and beyond. I love lists, and love trying new things, and so I wrote everything down so I could make good on my dreams and ambitions and enjoy ticking things off in a list-loving kind of way.

But why bother with a list? Why not simply think “I fancy going to drive a tank” and then book it? Why do I feel the need to write it down? Why is it important to me that I document my wish, and then record the whole thing here on my blog?

Tank Driving Experience at Armourgeddon - Me Driving

I think I realised the other day why. It is because I’m a pretty average kind of girl. I’m not brilliant at anything. I don’t excel at one or two things. I’m not the best at any of my hobbies. And there’s a simple reason for that. I do too many things. I’m too busy! I mean; I’m ok at playing the trombone, can take ok photographs which I can edit ok in PhotoShop, am ok at playing badminton and netball, my fitness is ok, have an ok job, can draw and paint ok, the meals I cook are ok, my computer skills are ok – I’m just ok. And that is ok!

So rather than choose one or two things and trying my hardest to be the very best in those, I have made the decision – through my list – to do even more things (or maybe more times if I enjoy them). Just because I want to. It’s my way of being ok about being ok – being able to say to myself that “I’ve done that” about loads and loads of things. I know people think I’m a bit crazy – my Nan used to say “you’re mad” whenever I told her about what I was doing on any given Saturday; but it’s not just about skydiving and bungee jumping (I’ve done those!), it’s also about learning and experiencing much calmer things too!

Modelling our Finished Cushions

So tell me – if you were me and you wanted to experience as many things as you could in your lifetime, living up to your mantra that life is all about the journey, what would you put on the list? Or another way to ask the question; if you could do one (realistic) thing before your next birthday, what would it be? Think adventure, yes, I like that, but also thing smaller, more serious (and cheaper!). Go on, give me some inspiration. And feel free to “borrow” anything I’ve put on my list to add to your own.

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  1. Christine

    I had a 40 things to do before I’m 40 list. I finished about 3/4 of them – the remaining ones were all travel related and these will have to wait until the kids have left home and I can afford them!

    If I had to choose one affordable thing to do before my next birthday it would be cycle from London to Brighton (would need to get a bit fitter first).

    • Splodz

      That’s the problem with my list too – loads of them are travel related and there is really only one opportunity a year, if that, to travel properly. Which is why I want to find lots of experiences to be had much closer to home. Simple things – crafts and local beauty spots and things to learn.

      Cycling from London to Brighton sounds like a good idea – I hope you get to do it soon.

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