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A few weeks ago, before she went off to see the world (you are following Tara’s travels over on Rise and Shine Paps aren’t you?), Tara gave me a code to try the new breakfasts. I do like a bowl of porridge, and all this cycling is making me very hungry, so naturally I logged into my account (Graze breakfasts are only available to existing customers) and requested my free box.

Graze Breakfasts is a new scheme designed to give you four healthy breakfasts delivered to your door. Instead of the usual nut, seed and fruit snacks you associate with a Graze box, you get four punnets of instant porridge to give you a good start to the day.

Graze Breakfast Delivery

My delivery arrived with four punnets of different flavoured dried porridge mixes, some with honey. There was Hazelnut and Flame Raisin, Walnut and Pecan, Blackcurrant and Cranberry and Apple and Cinnamon. But it was the middle of the afternoon so I had to wait…

Graze Breakfast Porridge Punnets

I’ve no idea if this is the right thing to do, but I decide to have a banana at home before cycling to work (I can’t cycle on a full stomach!), and then eat my porridge when I got into the office.

It’s really easy to make. Basically, you tip the porridge into a bowl, add one and a half punnets-worth of milk (I used semi skimmed), and bung in the microwave for two minutes. It came out just as I like it – steaming hot, smelling fantastic, and the right consistency (stir before eating!). If the punnet includes honey you add that too.

Below is the blackcurrant and cranberry flavour, with honey. It had blackcurrants and cranberries floating around in it, which were sharp and full of punchy flavour when they burst in your mouth. The porridge itself was lovely too; a little sweetness came through thanks to the addition of the honey, and very tasty. The damage is just under 200 calories including the milk. And it worked too – I actually didn’t snack all morning, which is something of a miracle for me!

Graze Breakfasts Blackcurrant and Cranberry Porridge with Honey

The apple and cinnamon one, which I was really looking forward to because that is a traditional homely flavour combination that I love, was equally as tasty.  It has big chunks of apple making it really juicy, and I really like the use of honey (instead of sugar) to sweeten the porridge.

The variety of porridge available is quite limited at the moment – about eight or ten versions so if you get a box every week they’ll repeat fairly often (maybe even every week). But it’s a great idea. The two flavours I’ve tried already are really tasty, and I can see myself getting used to this arriving each week. It is an expensive treat really, though, when porridge oats themselves are good value.

If you are a Graze customer and would like to try a free breakfast box (while stocks last – it seems to be an experiment at the moment), you can use the code MQJN9JQ at (this also gives me £1 off my next delivery). Enjoy!

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    • Splodz

      You’re welcome to use the code to get a free box… I can recommend them; I had the hazelnut and flame raisin this morning, it had yohurt coated seeds in too and was delicious 🙂

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