The Secret Language of Your Birthday

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The other day I blogged about a visual personality test I’d come across, which seemed to get you intrigued – lots of comments and tweets about that one. So here’s another one for you – this time it uses your birthday (and only your birthday) to tell you things about yourself…

The Secret Language

The Secret Language does not present information using astrology. On the site it says:

The material we present is a distillation of personality traits identified from a 40-year study of the biographies of more than 20,000 people, organized by birthday. Here, we offer the most comprehensive and accurate description of human personality ever written.

Our composite personality profiles span specific time periods – day, week, month, etc. – and have proven to be around 90% accurate for any given person. The nature of a composite profile is that it describes the most prominent traits exhibited by a group of people rather than all of the traits exhibited by one person.

With more than 5.4 million hardcover books in print around the world in fifteen languages, you can trust Secret Language to be your reference guide to every day, for every person you ever meet and for every relationship you will ever have.

For me, it says “RESOLUTE SENSUAL CHARISMA” – and then goes on to explain at length what my birthday means in its entirety – day, month, season, path, and so on. It’s all very interesting.

The Secret Language - My Day

Within the very long page of information, it mentioned that I care a lot about what others think, that when I take up a challenge I don’t back down, that I am action-orientated, and that I like to be in control. Sounds familiar.

What does your birthday say about you?! Is it accurate?

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