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It has long been generally accepted that packing up your own lunch to take to work is cheaper than buying lunch every day. Being organised with our at-work-food-intake by making it in advance also helps us keep track of what we are eating and look after ourselves nutrition-wise; and it leaves our lunch break for enjoying the outdoors by going for a walk in the fresh air rather than rushing somewhere to buy an overpriced and mayonnaise filled sandwich.

So when SIGG wanted to continue to encourage me to ditch the plastic by sending me this new lunch-time set up I was very pleased about that, as to be honest I’m not very good at getting packed lunched organised all the time. The lime green bottle and sandwich tin are shiny and gorgeous – I love them! My set consists of a 0.6l Colour Traveller bottle with screw top (part of the Classic collection), and an Alu Box Mini.

SIGG Bottle and Sandwich Tin

First off, I absolutely LOVE the colour. What a fantastic green. The bottle and tin don’t quite match – one is coated stainless steel and the other is coloured aluminium, so I guess matching is almost impossible, but they are both lovely. You won’t be surprised to know that I chose the colour – apart from being my favourite, green also symbolises perfectly what SIGG are trying to encourage us to be.

SIGG Alu Box Mini

SIGG Alu Box Mini

Having a sandwich tin rather than a box is nice in itself. Apart from the fact that SIGG would much rather we all used metal over plastic, it is a really good shape, is really sturdy, and looks great. My Mini tin will easily take sandwiches, cereal bar, and various other bits and bobs depending on what I fancy. Sadly the tin isn’t quite deep enough to include an apple. But they do a bigger (Maxi) one so I could complete the set and have loads of space for all kinds of treats.

I can be certain that my food stays pretty well un-bashed thanks to the solid sides. It’s also light weight (thanks to it being aluminium), and the lid stays firmly clipped in place. Talking about the clips; they seem very well made and a good design – I will let you know if opening and closing the tin 100s and 100s of times causes them to become less effective.

SIGG Alu Box Mini

SIGG Alu Box Mini

Both the bottle and tin are food safe. Being metal there is no transfer of flavour into the container (like you get with plastic), so no need to stick to just water in the bottle and you can put what you like directly into the tin and then just wash up in hot soapy water before starting again. Both are good for warm or cold foods, so come winter I can use the bottle for soup and the tin for bread (don’t put either in the microwave – decant if you want to reheat that way!!!). In the mean time I have been packing my sandwiches or a salad in the tin and some juice in the bottle. Perfect for a day at work or somewhere more interesting like my road trip to Norfolk last week. I wouldn’t put anything too wet in the tin though; I haven’t encountered any leakage but I wouldn’t chance a very liquid meal as one nasty bash and the tin may well dent enough to reveal a whole between the lid and main part of the container.

SIGG Color Traveller 0.6l

SIGG Color Traveller 0.6l

Going back to the bottle, this one has the classic SIGG screw top that comes right off to reveal a smooth rounded hole for drinking from. The lid has a hole in to make carrying (or attaching) it easy, and the bottle fits in the usual bottle carriers on bicycles, bags and in cars. I have to say, having owned a SIGG bottle with the active top for quite a few weeks now, using it daily, I find that much more versatile than this type of lid. I can use that bottle while still cycling – but I have to stop to remove the lid on this one. There is nothing wrong with the screw lid, and it does offer an easy and pleasant way to drink whatever is inside, but it is not as useful when you’re taking part in active pursuits. This one carries 600ml (as opposed to the 750ml of my other bottle) and I think that is a perfect size; it isn’t too heavy when full, and is short enough for the door pocket of my car.

SIGG Color Traveller 0.6l

The very fact that I received the bottle and tin made me want to have a packed lunch. Yes I am that easy to please! I mean, I wanted to use my lovely sandwich tin, I smiled when I put my prepared lunch (prepared by LincsGeek, that is!) in the fridge the night before, when I put it in my rucksack, and again when I got it out to eat at lunch time. Thanks SIGG – I am definitely recommending your products to Splodz Blogz readers once again.

Disclaimer: I was sent this bottle and tin for free. I have not been told what to write and have been honest.

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  1. dave

    I’ve never seen a SIGG sandwich tin before! Very envious, it looks splendid. And added to my kit wishlist 🙂

    • Splodz

      It’s a lovely little bit of kit, definitely recommend it – mine’s a bit battered now but that’s part of the charm.

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