Review: Ozeri Touch II Bathroom Scales

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I’m sat here drinking a tall glass of milk. My new bathroom scales told me to. They said my bone mass is low, and so I need more calcium and vitamin D. Seeing as the sun seems to have gone in, I’m going for the calcium.

These scales are the Ozeri Touch II Digital Bathroom Scales. They have a sleek glass topped design with touch sensitive user controls; very modern looking with digital display. They look good in my bathroom, I have to say, much neater than my old wooden analogue scales.

Ozeri Touch II Bathroom Scales

Ozeri Touch II Bathroom Scales

These scales don’t just weigh you, though, as you may have gathered. They also tell you your body fat, water, muscle and bone measurements to help you have a more rounded idea of your health in relation to your weight. This means that you have to give the scales some information about yourself before stepping on them for the first time – your gender, whether you are an athlete (!), your height and your age. Once that is set (for up to eight people) you step on it once a week just as you would with any other scales – unless you lose or gain more than 3kg (6.6lbs) between weigh-ins it will automatically know who you are.

The scales were really simple to set up. LincsGeek sorted it for both of us in just a few seconds. Standing on the scales the numbers at my feet were bright and clear – and high!! Your weight is displayed (in either stones, pounds or kilograms, your choice) as a large number at the top of the display. Underneath your weight the other measurements are displayed in turn – body fat first, then body water, body muscle, and finally bone mass. The scales use your weight along with the other information you have included in your profile and some bioelectrical impulses (through those metal circles) to calculate these things – there are some simple tables within the instruction booklet to help you decipher the numbers to discover whether they reflect “healthy” or not.

Ozeri Touch II Bathroom Scales

Ozeri Touch II Bathroom Scales

I think it goes without saying that these scales are not designed as a medical instrument, they are a guide to help you understand your weight and other useful measurements that in turn help you make healthy choices. For me it is very interesting. I am well aware that having a healthy body is much more complicated than how much I weigh, and having an idea of my fat, water, muscle and bone measurements helps me better understand my body. But then I’ve always known I eat too much chocolate, I doubt it’ll make any difference to that! How accurate these scales are, again, I suspect they are not quite spot on (I haven’t consulted a doctor to find out – I am tempted to go and ask the machine in Boots to see what that says); but as a guide they do seem very useful.

I am not one for religiously weighing myself every week, but I like these scales and they are much easier to read than traditional analogue ones. They look the part in my bathroom and the extra measurements will be an interesting way of comparing my body to itself over the next few months. I’ll let you know if I still like these scales at Christmas!

You can find the Ozeri Touch II Bathroom Scales on Amazon.

Disclaimer: Ozeri sent me these scales so I could feature them here on Splodz Blogz. I I have not been told what to say and have been no less honest as a result of receiving the product for free.

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