Review: Ben & Jerry’s Core Peanut Butter Me Up (Bzz Review)

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I am a Bzz Agent and this is a Bzz Review…

I hit the jackpot with bzz campaigns recently when I was asked to try the Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Me Up Core tub. Er… that took very little consideration! I love my ice cream, and very much enjoy a tub (well, half at a time, of course) of B&J on a Friday evening.

Ben & Jerry's Core Peanut Butter me Up

Ben & Jerry's Core Peanut Butter me Up

I’m actually quite late to the Core tubs. I’ve had Core sundaes at B&J shops before, but it was only recently that I bought some of the ready made ones to eat at home. LincsGeek and I tried some of the existing flavours a couple of months ago when they were on offer at Sainsburys. We liked. But to be honest were both happy with our usual choices (Cookie Dough for him, Baked Alaska or Caramel Chew Chew for me) so rarely spend the extra to get the Core version.

This test is of the new Peanut Butter Me Up flavour. This is half vanilla ice cream and half peanut butter ice cream, with a raspberry jam core and little peanut butter cups dotted through. So it’s peanut butter and jelly then? Ah. You may remember I tried a PB&J sandwich not so long ago (it was on my list – read about it here) and I thought it was disgusting.

Ben & Jerry's Core Peanut Butter me Up

With my preconceived idea that I was going to have to separate out the jam from the peanut butter flavour in order to like this ice cream I dug my spoon into the tub. I made sure I had a bit of each flavour ice cream, some jam and a peanut butter cup. First impressions? Actually, not bad at all. Surprisingly my face didn’t screw up in disgust like it did for the PB&J sandwich I tried in Florida last year. Phew!! As I had a few more spoonfuls I really started to enjoy the combination of peanut butter and raspberry jam. And those little peanut butter cups are just yummy.

Ben & Jerry's Core Peanut Butter me Up

As always with a Core sundae I definitely prefer one side over the other. For me, the jam, vanilla ice cream and peanut butter cups are the best combination. The peanut butter ice cream is nice, I like it, it’s something a bit different, but to be honest I wouldn’t miss it if it wasn’t there. If only there were many more peanut butter cups… there are never enough of those added bits in B&J ice cream.

Both LincsGeek and I agree that this new Core sundae is not as good as the some of the other Ben & Jerry’s Core – my usual choice is the Karamel Sutra (ooer). But it is nice and works as a ready made sundae in tub perfectly well.

I noticed these were on offer in Tesco the other day – give it a try and let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: I am a BzzAgent and was asked to take part in the Danio campaign, which meant I was sent some vouchers for free ice cream in return for telling other people what I think about it. I have not been told what to write and I have been no less honest as a result.

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