Sunday Soliloquy – Tidying Up

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[ so·lil·o·quy – the act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers ]

On Thursday night I was kept awake by two things. One was the heat – it seemed very muggy and the bedroom was quite uncomfortable. The other was that my mind was all fuzzy with stuff; you know, things I have to do at work, at home, for my blog, as well as that big to do list I have to inspire me. Some stuff was really niggling me and worrying me, other things we dreams and plans and things I’m happily anticipating.

It was really frustrating. My mind was full and buzzing and I was getting more and more restless. Part of me wanted to get up and do something; maybe some filing, or some cleaning. But I persevered and managed to get some sleep. It wasn’t particularly restful and I woke up feeling groggy. It was one of those nights I wish I had an “off” button on the back of my head to switch my mind off.

Do you ever feel like you need to have a really good tidy up in order to feel more at ease and less anxious? I definitely do and I think (I kind of hope) we all do at times. Since Thursday night I have done some filing, cleaned out the kitchen cupboards (how does my food stores go out of date?!), just about caught up with emails, changed the bed, caught up on washing, along with various other cleaning and tidying chores around the house. Meanwhile LincsGeek has also had a cleaning blitz by dusting and hoovering to make the house feel much less messy.

Today I’m still feeling quite overwhelmed and anxious. Cleaning and tidying my house and inbox has helped a bit; but there is still something not right. I’m tired, I know that, but my mind is full of nonsense that is making everything from ordered into a big messy pile of stuff.

I think sometimes we need to have a tidy up mentally as well as physically. I am certain that doing that involves lots more lists – which seem to be a theme on my Sunday Soliloquy posts – but I also think this includes learning how to relax and switch off properly. I once tried a taster session of Tai Chi and think something like that could help all of us organise our minds a bit, but I’m interested to know how you go about this.

What do you do to help you clear your head? How do you tidy up your mind as you would your house? Is it possible to have a clear out of your thoughts as well as your kitchen?! What tips and suggestions can you share with me and other Splodz Blogz readers? Please comment below.

Life is all about the journey. Have a proper tidy up.

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