Thinking About Autumn… Shoes!

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Is it too early to think about autumn? It’ll (unfortunately) be here very soon – and I’ve already noticed the autumn/winter collections making their way onto the high street.

When I think autumn I automatically think brown. Not a rich chocolate brown, but a brighter tan brown that matches the leaves as they start to turn. It can be almost orange – enough to brighten up a dull grey and windy autumn day.

I had a browse of the new shoe collections over on Spartoo to see what took my fancy. These lace up Mjus boots caught my attention straight away – I love the luxurious looking tan leather and the shape of the top of the ankle.

Mjus Lace Up Boots

The wedge trainers trend shoes no sign of going away, and I reckon autumn is a great time to don a pair – this Lacoste pair are in the perfect colour for the season.

Lacoste Wedge Trainers in Tan

For something more classic and traditional for a day in the office, these tan leather court shoes by Marian are the perfect shape, and the platform gives that extra height that elongates the legs. The tan colour works with bare legs or dark tights.

Marian Claspi Court Shoes in Tan

For a boot with a lower heel these eco-friendly Dream in Green Neltone boots are just the ticket. I love the gradient to the leather upper they have chosen,.

Dream in Green Neltone Boots

I couldn’t do a round-up type shoe post without mentioning my new favourite brand – Air Step. These Sidney lace up boots use a similar gradient leather to the Dream in Green boots above, and they look very comfortable and like they’d go with either jeans or a pair of leggings.

Air Step Sidney Boots

Finally I absolutely love the bright colour of these suede Converse mids – they’d get totally ruined in the wet weather but if you could be good and only wear them on a dry day they’ll look fabulous!

Converse Suede Star Player

But let’s hope we don’t actually have to wear our autumn shoes for a good few weeks yet!

Disclaimer: I have a partnership with Spartoo which involves me writing posts about shoes available from their online store. I have not been told what to write about and I have been no less honest as a result. 

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  1. Jade

    Thank you for including shoes with a low heel for people like me who feel they’re too tall for high heels! Doesn’t stop me loving the first pair though!!!

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