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A few weeks ago Gardening Express saw that I was attempting to grow some herbs from seeds (they’re doing well, by the way, I’ll stick a photo on instagram later), and as a result offered to send me a selection of herbs all ready to plant out in my garden. How could I say no?

Gardening Express specialise in plants by mail order. Yes, plants. Think perennials and herbaceous garden plants, shrubs, climbers, trees, grasses, bamboos, bulbs, annuals, roses, vegetables, ferns and more. They come to you via courier, packed up in a box, green leaves, buds and all. I have come across them as a company in the past because a few years back I won a little apple tree from them in a twitter competition which was nice!

Although I knew I should expect a parcel, I had no idea what would be inside – so when I opened my box (which arrived while I was at work and was left by the back door as requested) I was delighted to see six different herbs. Each was green and of a decent size, ready to replant into the pots I’ve had standing empty for a little while (since before we moved house – oops), and actually ready to use in my cooking.

Herb Plants from Gardening Express

Herb Plants from Gardening Express

From left to right I have Bronze Fennel, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage and a Curry Plant. And below you can also see my Lavender which I’m hoping will bush out to fill this large container and give me lots of lovely purple flowers.

Herb Plants from Gardening Express

Being incredibly hot and sunny when the plants first arrived I was very good and watered them well every morning and every evening. Even with that I ended up with a few shrivelled leaves which I was advised by Gardening Express to pick off to allow the plants to fully recover. Now we are getting more rain they are doing quite well and look great along the brick wall in my garden. It’s lovely to have them standing proud – isn’t it funny how a few green plants can make you smile?!

Herb Plants from Gardening Express

So far I have only used the rosemary to cook with. Mmmm roast potatoes. To be honest I’ve no idea what to do with the curry plant or the fennel, but I will find some suitable recipes and make good use of them over the coming weeks. Thanks for my lovely herbs Gardening Express!

Have you used Gardening Express to have ready-grown plants delivered to your home? Let me know your experiences.

Disclaimer: I was sent these herbs by Gardening Express so I could try out their service and let you know about it. I have not been told what to write and have been no less honest as a result of receiving them for free.

  1. Christine Bailey

    Used them many times, plants have always been nice and healthy, delivery could be a bit quicker, but I guess it’s difficult as they must get massive seasonal peaks when the weather is nice. The fastest time my orders arrived was 3 days and slowest 10 days. I think the curry plant is more ornamental than culinary.

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