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Last weekend has marked a turning point in the seasons here in the UK. Its been wet and windy, it is properly dark by 8pm and you need the light on to make your morning cuppa, the sandals have gone away and the socks and boots have come out. It’s definitely time to start thinking about soup.

A few weeks back Tideford Organics sent me a parcel full of their products to try out. I had a really lovely selection of soups, sauces, rice pudding and porridge.

Tideford Organics is an independent organic food manufacturer from Totnes in Devon. Founded in 1996 on the family aga we have enjoyed 16 wonderful award-laden years. We produce award winning, organic, chilled soups, cooking sauces, pestos, porridges and puddings in retail and catering formats. Our products are gluten free, low fat, low salt and organic. We also have vegetarian and vegan products.

Products to try from Tideford Organics

The very evening they arrived I served up the Organic Carbonara Sauce with some prawns and veg. It made for a really lovely (and super quick) evening meal; creamy and yummy with the bacon and nutmeg coming through well. I must say it did need a twist or two of black pepper for our taste but that’s easy to add when cooking or at the table.

Carbonara made with Tideford Organics Sauce

Since then I’ve worked my way through the various tubs. To be blunt; all were fantastic. Really. I love a good soup and do make them myself but for lunches away from home taking something lovely from a tub is so easy. With Tideford I know I’m getting proper ingredients grown and prepared with care. And they taste good – full of flavour, nice textures (as in you get textures, they’re not totally smooth), and very satisfying.

The Organic Beetroot Soup was the best in my opinion, it had such a good natural beetroot flavour with none of the mess of preparing it myself. The Spinach and Split Pea Soup is very green and therefore could put some people off, but it came a very close runner up for me – strong flavour, nice texture, and very satisfying. The soups definitely come recommended.

Tideford Organics Beetroot Soup

The rice pudding is by far my favourite product of all the ones I was sent. I love love love rice pudding, definitely the bestest pudding ever (except apple pie and custard, that is), and as I’m the only one at home at eats it I never make it. This was divine – I don’t think I’ve ever had rice pudding with butterscotch before (I normally go for a dollop of jam or a scoop of ice cream). It was so good I ate it all without remembering to take a picture so you’ve got this one of just the cardboard sleeve!

Tideford Organics Rice Pudding

I am always conscious when writing reviews that you, my readers and friends, want me to give you honest opinions. And when all I can do is rave about how scrummy something is without picking holes except commenting on something needing a twist of pepper I wonder if you believe me. But I am being completely genuine. All I can suggest is that you try Tideford for yourself. Go for one of the soups for your lunch tomorrow, and let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: I was sent some products for free by Tideford Organics. I have not been told what to write and have been no less honest as a result.


PS: I am told that by Sunday we will be having sunny days with temperatures of around 20 degrees again. Bring on the second summer!

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