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This photo is one of the most popular things I’ve posted on instagram, twitter and facebook this year…

Nutella Brownies

…it shows the result of my Nutella Brownie experiment earlier in the week. Looks good, huh?!

A friend reposted a recipe over on facebook that offered me the chance to make brownies using just three ingredients. I just happened to have the three ingredients – Nutella chocolate spread, eggs and flour – in the house. I wondered; can this recipe be real? Does it really work? Could LincsGeek and I have brownies for pudding?!

I admit I didn’t take this recipe’s word for it. I checked with my good friend Google to see what variations of the recipe there were, and found many (many) recipe sites, forums and blogs that featured the Nutella brownie phenomenon. I used my research to create my own version of the recipe and gave it a go.

  • 280g Nutella Chocolate Spread
  • 2 Eggs
  • 62g Self Raising Flour

Nutella Brownie Ingredients

Yes, that’s it. I am informed that because Nutella has milk, chocolate and fat in it, you can use it to replace many other ingredients. You simply mix all these ingredients well until nice and smooth, put into a baking pan, and cook at 180 degrees celsius for 30 minutes.

Nutella Brownie Batter

Now I reckon that my muffin sized brownies (the recipe made six large muffin brownies, or would do 12 small squares) were a tad overdone. They weren’t burnt or caught or anything; but they were cooked all the way through and so more the consistency of a cake than a brownie. Brownies are supposed to be a little gooey in the middle, but these were not. I reckon the ratio of ingredients is correct, and so the next time I try this recipe I will simply cook them for five minutes fewer and see what happens.

Even though they were a little overdone, these were not too dry and tasted really good. You can really taste the Nutella – it’s not just a chocolate flavour – which works really well. They were rather like a chocolate sponge you might have warm with chocolate custard (for chocolate overload) or vanilla ice cream; a proper pudding!

Nutella Brownies

The other thing I’ll be doing next time is adding another couple of ingredients to the mix – some chopped hazelnuts and some chocolate chunks – I think this will add some lovely texture and make them even more yummy.

Let me know if you give these a try – I’d love to know what you do with this very simple recipe.

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