Pump – The Exploding Shoe

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Recall this scene from Austin Powers?

Gotta love the International Man of Mystery – and this scene always makes me smile because it is the inevitable consequence of anyone like Mike Myers being given a pair of trainers with an inflatable element.

Reebok’s “The Pump” has been one of those shoes that has been retro from the moment it was introduced in 1989. I was nine when they were launched, and yes I wanted a pair. I loved the basketball shoe look when I was that age – a proper tom boy. I loved the idea of pausing before I ran across the school field to pump the tongue of my trainers up a few times, it would obviously give me faster legs and more springy knees. I imagined I would become an instant sports star if I owned them, a sports star of the coolest variety. Sadly the closest I came was a pair of black Cica high top trainers from Clarks… anyone also have those?! I think I had neon laces in them at one point. Oh I was a fashionable primary school kid!

I was wondering the other day if Reebok still made their pump trainers – and they do. Just look at these beauties… these are the Mens Pump Omni Lite HLS Trainer.

Mens Pump Omni Lite HLS Trainer

Should I?!

What shoes did you covet when you were nine? Did you get them? Would you wear them now?

Disclaimer: I have a partnership with Spartoo which involves me writing posts about shoes available from their online store. I have not been told what to write about and I have been no less honest as a result. 

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