Review: GreenVale FarmFresh Potatoes

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How do you review a potato? This is a question I have been asking myself for the last couple of weeks; ever since I received a small sack of the new GreenVale potatoes in the post (yes, delivered by Parcel Force).

GreenVale FarmFresh Potatoes

GreenVale Farmfresh potatoes are an all-round potato good for all your potato needs… no need to buy different varieties for different cooking methods. Not that I do to be honest; I just put up with whatever I get and use them anyway, but at least with these I know I should be getting a decent mashed, roast, jacket or chipped potato.

GreenVale FarmFresh Potatoes

GreenVale FarmFresh Potatoes

They say:

We grow a delicious variety of potato for GreenVale Farm Fresh, they’re the perfect all-rounder.

Our farmers harvest our spuds at exactly the right time, so they’re brought to you at their tastiest.

We even shower our potatoes rather than bath them, so they’re always washed with clean water.

To keep our potatoes fresher for longer we use a preservative. It’s called paper.

Our potatoes aren’t green, but our credentials are. Tesco has awarded us for our carbon reduction strategy and sustainable innovation.

True to their word I have found these GreenVale potatoes very useful for mash, roasts and chips. They were very easy to work with, and did their all-rounder job perfectly well. Do these photos make you hungry?! They make me want fish pie AND chips AND roast potatoes for dinner tonight!

GreenVale FarmFresh Potatoes

GreenVale FarmFresh Potatoes

GreenVale FarmFresh Potatoes

I am one of those people who usually buys four potatoes at a time because there is only two of us at home and any more and we end up with soft and sprouting potatoes in the bottom drawer – which is a waste. The paper bag did help; these potatoes kept nice and fresh (and didn’t roll around everywhere!) until they were eaten, even after being bashed about in the postal service on their way to me.

Would I recommend GreenVale FarmFresh potatoes? Yes, I think I would. If you usually buy your potatoes from a supermarket in a plastic bag then I suggest you give these a try – you will be doing the environment a favour. But if you get yours from your local farm shop, direct from the grower, then keep up the good work.

Disclaimer: I received some potatoes (in the post!) so I could share my thoughts here on Splodz Blogz. I have not been told what to write and have been no less honest as a result of receiving the product for free.

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