Twinings Celebrate 80 Years of English Breakfast Tea

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Did you know it is 80 years since English Breakfast Tea was first brewed? Despite drinking an awful lot of the stuff, I had no idea until the other day when I received a rather lovely surprise package from the people at Twinings.

And it’s mine – it’s got my name on it!

Zoe's Twinings English Breakfast Celebration Tea

English Breakfast tea was blended to stand up to the breakfast flavours of the 1930s, including kippers and kedgeree – it needed to be a good strong brew for that! While our breakfast traditions may have moved on, English Breakfast tea remains the perfect accompaniment to our morning routine.

The English Breakfast tea we drink today has changed very little to the tea we drunk 80 years ago. We’ve only ever made minute adjustments to ensure a consistency of taste regardless of changes to the climate, agriculture or even the gardens in which the leaves are grown. It’s this consistency and our ability to move with the times that’s ensured our blend stays firmly on the British breakfast table.

To mark the anniversary Twinings have launched a limited edition English Breakfast Tea box containing 50 teabags. The new box is only available from and Waitrose.

You all know me well – I love a good cup of tea, and always have a supply of Twinings in the house. They even sent me a new mug to go with my personalised tea box.

Zoe's Twinings English Breakfast Celebration Tea

Zoe's Twinings English Breakfast Celebration Tea

As well as selling special art deco inspired boxes of English Breakfast tea, to celebrate 80 years of great English Breakfasts Twinings are looking for 80 winners…

They are giving away a year’s supply of tea in a personalised art deco inspired box. Nice prize. To enter you have to send Twinings a photo of your favourite relaxed breakfast – and tell us what makes Twinings English Breakfast Tea the perfect accompaniment. For more details about the competition see:

Make sure you tell me if you enter after seeing this post on Splodz Blogz – feel free to link to your photos.

Zoe's Twinings English Breakfast Celebration Tea

Disclaimer: Twinings sent me a surprise package including a personalised English Breakfast Celebration tea box. I was not asked to write about it here on Splodz Blogz but thought you might be interested.

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  1. Shybiker

    I drink English Breakfast tea every day, all day. In fact, I’m drinking it now! What a cool gift they gave you. Twinings is a great brand.

  2. Mary

    My husband and I stopped at Twinnings during our trip to London over the summer. It was one of my favorite places we visited. I am a huge tea lover and usually have a pack of Twinnings tea in my cabinets.

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