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I love to make things. I have always enjoyed arts and crafts and doing things with my hands – I’m definitely a creative person rather than a scholar.

My Home Made Cushion Cover

Not very long ago I achieved something crafty I never thought I would – sounds so silly when I say it, but I made a cushion cover. I sewed! I’m so proud of my cushion, it has pride of place on my comfy chair looking out into the garden. You can read about my day at Fenland Studios here.

But the “something you made” I wanted to share is this little clay pot. We all made them at school, right?! Mine is a simple hand crafted with little fingers bowl that I poked and prodded with various clay tools and painted green and purple.

My Hand Made Clay Pot

My Hand Made Clay Pot

I love that my mum and dad have kept this for so long – it’s got to be not far off 30 years old. Fantastic. I spotted it in my parent’s bungalow a few weeks back and it really made me smile, the memories came flooding back, I could remember the day I made it quite vividly.

If you’ve got kids or have been given something crafty like this by a child then I urge you to keep it somewhere safe. You will bring a big grin to their face when you show it to them in 30 years time!

Sadly I don’t have much time at the moment for lots of creative pursuits, but I have got a couple of projects that I will get around to hopefully very soon. A friend bought me a sock bunny kit as a very early birthday present, and I still have a candle making kit that I’ve not opened yet (seriously shamed by that). You can be sure that both will be featured on Splodz Blogz when I (eventually) find the time.

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  1. Sarah

    Aww how sweet! There’s a little pots like this at my moms house that me and my sisters made when we were little! I think one of then is used for hair grips and bobbles ๐Ÿ™‚

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