Four Simple Goals Before 2014

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I was inspired earlier in the week by A Beautiful Mess (a really lovely blog you should definitely be reading) and the Four Simple Goals Before 2014 challenge.

You all know I love a list and a challenge, but this one is different. It is not a competition, or meant to be full of big massive expensive difficult challenges that take up all our time and effort. It is exactly what you imagine – a list of four very simple things that will make your life richer and happier every day.

So here are my four simple goals before 2014…

Four Simple Goals - Waterville, Ireland

1) Get a hair cut. And colour my hair. It’s so messy. Something to do with not having it cut for 18 months – the shame. Every morning I look in the mirror and notice even more split ends… I know how we look shouldn’t affect our happiness but it does help.

2) Stop tracking everything in Run Keeper. I have become addicted to tracking every little activity I do, and it’s not necessary. Well it was when I challenged myself to 2012 km in 2012, but it’s then end of 2013 and I’m still comparing my distances and times when I cycle to work or when I go for a Sunday walk. I’m not training for anything where time matters, hopefully getting rid of the tracker will help me enjoy the activity rather than be worried about distance or speed.

3) Create some original artwork for my home. I’ve been saying it for months, years, I really must do some painting or drawing or making again. I used to do loads of crafty things but I simply don’t have the time any more. While this is goal related I see it more as an opportunity to get my creativity back.

4) Start every day with a glass of water. I currently start every day with a cup of tea. Having a glass of water before I have my morning cuppa should help me increase my water intake and give me a good start to the day.

I’ll let you know at the end of the year if I have been successful! Please feel free to join in – visit A Beautiful Mess for the rules – and share your goals below.

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  1. Hazel

    This got me thinking, I could definitely do with a haircut! And starting the day with water. I keep reading about the benefits of having hot water with lemon but I just always forget to buy lemons!

    • Splodz

      I’ve already noticed that starting the day with water is helping – it’s an extra drink each day for me and seems to give me a good start. I have cold water though, I’m really not a fan of hot water with lemon, although as the weather gets colder I might be tempted!

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