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Today is a list day on BEDN – right up my street! We’ve not been given any particular topic, but have simply been asked to share 10 things.

I have turned to my things to do list, something I started a good few years ago now to motivate me to try new things and set myself challenges. I thought I would offer 10 suggestions of things you should do in 2014, 10 things you should add to your own things to do list. I’m going to offer no explanation – it’s just a list. Some of these things I’ve done – some I haven’t.

Ten Things

In no particular order:

1) A Full Day Hike
2) Raise Money for Charity
3) Give Blood
4) Paddle in the Sea
5) Drive a Tank!
6) Ski
7) Make an Article of Clothing
8) Ride a Motorbike
9) Bake a Birthday Cake
10) Spend a Whole Day Watching Movies

What would you say are the 10 things I should do in 2014?

I am popping out of the country for a few days (woo!) and so my BEDN posts might be a little delayed. I promise I’ll be writing them and if I don’t actually manage to share them while I’m away I’ll post them all when I get back. See you soon!

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