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Want to see my blogging office? Well here it is…

My Workspace

As you can see I am an iPad girl, with a bluetooth keyboard (thanks to Black Friday last year) to make things nice and easy and a very useful Spider Podium to give me a good view of my screen.

I also have my phone and camera, with SD card reader for my iPad, and my trusty notebook and pen because I still like to jot things down the old fashioned way. I use a Bamboo Stylus by Wacom to prod my screen and wear my glasses when I’m being good. There’s also a couple of boxes of things I’m currently testing out and writing about.

The best thing about my workspace? It can be moved! It’s normally all on the kitchen table and I’ll have the television on too, but it works equally as well on the sofa, on the comfy chairs the back room looking out over the bunnies, or even on the bed (apparently this is called a “boffice”!) – as well as in a coffee shop or airport or waiting room. We do have a nice desktop computer with large monitor which I use too, but I do like the ease and flexibility if my iPad.

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