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Let me introduce you to Splodz the trombone player…

Selfie - playing my trombone

I was brought up in a very musical family and was encouraged from a very young age to sing and play music. Music had a place at every family occasion; my sister and I would learn and perform together. I remember being taken to organ lessons above a music shop, piano lessons at a lovely lady’s house, and having guitar lessons at school. There was the Barton Blues – my Mum, sister and me – and even a recorder quartet which included my Dad. At School I did choirs and bands and orchestras. It was just normal.

Not only that, but our church of choice is the Salvation Army (I’m an Officer’s kid) where music is at the heart of the worship, and so I was always encouraged by the folk there too. At the Army I started on tenor horn at Romford, changed to cornet in Plymouth and then gradually worked my way down to euphonium in Canterbury. One Friday evening rehearsal the Band Leader at Canterbury took away my beloved euphonium at the start of practice and handed me a trombone, saying “play that”. And that was it, Zoe the trombone player was born.

Since then me and my trombone have had lots of fun (cue trombone jokes…). We’ve played in Canterbury Cathedral and under a Lancaster Bomber, in many Salvation Army halls and several schools. We’ve played and enjoyed classical, jazz, popular and traditional brass band music. We’ve been on a CD as a member of Boston Youth Jazz Orchestra and have had (still get) the pleasure of sitting alongside some really fabulous musicians including Maisie Wiggins. We’ve marched for Armistice Day and carolled in the snow (often!). Oh and if you’ve been reading Splodz Blogz any length of time you must remember these shots taken in the rain and hail and wind that was Extreme Tromboning at Buckstones Edge on Marsden Moor and Castle Hill overlooking Huddersfield?!

"Extreme Tromboning" at Buckstones Edge on Marsden Moor

"Extreme Tromboning" at Buckstones Edge on Marsden Moor

"Extreme Tromboning" on Castle Hill, overlooking Huddersfield

I remember being quite good once upon a time, when I was playing a lot (and still having lessons), but these days I am just your average Salvation Army musician. I play in the band at Boston and am also a member of SASWE which I thoroughly enjoy. I still have some trombone based ambitions, which may or may not happen. I would love to play in an awesome concert venue such as the Royal Albert Hall. I would also love to be able to play Trombonology by Tommy Dorsey – and if I ever found the time and motivation to practice enough for that then I’d also like to make an album of beautiful melodies and fun trombone pieces. For now, though, I’ll simply continue to really enjoy my musical hobby.

Were you encouraged to play a musical instrument or sing when you were a child? Do you still do it?

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