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Sunset from Curbar Edge - Do You Meditate?

Meditation is meant to be an excellent way to relax and unwind. Not in a watch-a-whole-box-set or listen-to-music kind of way. Or in a dig-the-garden or paint-a-picture kind of way. But in a clear-the-mind and refresh-the-head kind of way. Instead, meditation is supposed to allow your body and mind to switch off and on again, so that all those things you have to do and want to do (even the box-sets) are more fulfilling, productive and/or fun. It is also meant to be a great way to develop resilience to anxiety and stress, or at learn learn how to calm yourself should you find yourself over thinking.

It is something I have been wanting to master, but so far I have not made any proper time for.

I have been sent some mediation tracks by Chris Randall who I met over on twitter, and have read quite a bit on the subject, but I know that the only way I’m going to find out if it works for me is to try.

If you meditate, what hints and tips can you offer this newbie?

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