Review: Light Switch Timer

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We all know one excellent piece of police advice when we go away is to set an automatic timer on one or more lamps so it looks like there’s someone at home. We’ve been doing this for years, using a plug timer on a couple of mains powered lamps.

This product review is for a new Light Switch Timer from Switched On Products that turns any ordinary light switch into a timed light switch, meaning you can set your big light (to channel Peter Kay) into an automatic light.

Light Switch Timer

It is very simple to fit. We did it one evening in just a few minutes. You have to loosen the light switch from the wall and place the bracket behind it before tightening it up again. Install batteries into the main timer unit (not provided, unfortunately), set the cogs so they match the number of switches (we installed ours on a double switch), and slot that onto the bracket.

To set the timer you use the buttons on the front to choose when you would like the light on and off. You can set several sets of times on any given day, and there are also automatic settings for day and night so you can just set those if you want to.

Light Switch Timer - Fitting

Light Switch Timer - Setting

Light Switch Timer - Over-riding

Apart from being rather bulky (which seems to be because the switch works by physically pushing the light switches using cogs) this product seems ideal. It certainly does the “turns your lights on and off for you” job very well, and is incredibly easy to fit and set. You can leave this attached all the time if you like – there’s an override switch so you can turn the lights on as you wish; but it’s also very easy to take off again if you only want it in place when you are going to use it. It’s a great idea that hopefully makes you feel more secure.

Light Switch Timer

(Apologies for the poor noisy photos, it was quite dark!)

Disclaimer: I received this Light Switch Timer through the Fuel My Blog scheme and asked to write a review on it for Splodz Blogz. I have not been told what to write and have been no less honest as a result.

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