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Today BEDN bloggers are being encouraged to write about something that’s in the news. 

I was going to address my thoughts on this scary clown that has been reported around Lincoln (and other towns), stepping out in front of cars and starring into car windows. I was going to tell you all how much I would scream if I came face to face with an evil looking Ronald McDonald whilst driving around town.

But then I came across this story about £60,000 cash that has been found floating about in a Spalding river.

That’s right, £60k. I wonder where it came from?!

Images from This is Lincolnshire

[Photos from the article on This is Lincolnshire]

The story hit the news today but the cash was actually discovered on 25th October – I assume since then police have been recovering it and counting it and investigating who it might belong to… I love that the report says police “may carry out a forensic examination of the cash” and apparently the Bank of England may be needed to assist in the counting!

Come on then, let’s speculate! Where do you think this £60k in bank notes came from? Who’s is it? Is it crime money? Or was someone really clumsy with their bulging wallet?! What do you reckon?

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PS If you have actual information you should call the police… contact them on 101 quoting incident number 154 of 25th October. They will need evidence of ownership if it’s yours!

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  1. em

    I have no idea where Spalding River is but I am about 90% sure that money is mine, I am sure I had £60k lying about here last month……

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