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Oh television; one of my best friends. Gotta love a bit of telly of an evening haven’t you! Apparently today is “world television day”. I’m not sure that television needs a day – it’s more every day don’t you think?

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I’m afraid my taste in television shows is pretty bad. A friend commented that one of my guilty pleasures was rubbish American tv and she is quite right – I love a bit of CSI, Law & Order, and still miss Ally McBeal (although I’ve just received my Ally McBeal complete box set so that should keep me going for a little while)! The Simpsons and Big Bang Theory are great, and I love to watch America’s Next Top Model and the Biggest Loser too; both are particularly good accompanied by some cake or ice cream! Oh and Ace of Cakes, I love Duff and the gang and I would just love to have one of their cakes for my birthday (have you seen how much they are?!)! Oh dear, lots of exclamation marks in that paragraph.

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What’s your favourite American TV show? (Otherwise read as – what additional American trash should I add to my watch list?!)

PS – I enjoy watching decent BBC-made TV too by the way, just so you know!

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