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What motivates you?

For me, it is belief that life is all about the journey, and the desire to make the most of every step that I take through my time here on earth.

Life is all about the Journey

Not only that but I know I am a very lucky girl. I have such an amazing immediate and extended family, and some totally fabulous friends. I have lots of opportuinties in life to do things like go on holiday and try new things. Even my health is not too bad at all. All those things mean I have an obligation to live up to my mantra.

But sometimes, perhaps even often, I wake up feeling anything but motivated. I have a tendancy to give in to lethargy on a regular basis and have to give myself a kick up the bum to get on and do stuff (or someone else has to do it for me!). And you’ll not be surprised to know that when that happens I feel guilty for not living up to my own expectations on top of lethargic.

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What do you do when you want to be motivated but feel anything but? Is there a place you go? A person you phone? A song you listen to? Share your tips in the comments below.

  1. Get Smart

    When you focus too much on what you want, the mind creates reasons why you can’t have it. This leads you to dwell on your weaknesses. The best way to avoid this is consciously focusing on gratitude. Set aside time each day to mentally list everything you have to be grateful for. Recall your past successes, unique skills, loving relationships, and positive momentum. You’ll be amazed how much you have going for you and motivated to take that next step towards success.

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