Review: Teva Freewheel Cycling Sneakers

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If you’ve been reading Splodz Blogz for any time you will know that I love cycling, and this year have really been getting into the habit of commuting by bicycle to save sitting in the terrible Lincoln traffic as well as to get myself a bit fitter and healthier.

I don’t have all the right gear by any means, I’ve been gradually getting bits and bobs, relying on my (large) collection of outdoors stuff that does very well at doubling up as cycling wear. For most things I don’t think you need “cycling specific” wear, but some proper technical clothing and accessories are definitely on my wish list.

On my feet I wear normal trainers or walking shoes (depending on the weather) which do the job fine. I am not interested in getting cleats, I’m not racing or aiming to beat my time each day, but I do need something reliable that will keep my feet securely on the pedals when I’m working hard, especially when it’s damp. When my foot slips off the pedals it generally hurts – I either jolt my leg, scrape my shin, or have been known to meet the floor.

These Freewheel shoes from Teva have been created for cyclists like me who don’t want to do the clip-in thing. The PedalLink outsole has been designed in collaboration with pro riders in order to grip the unique surface of a bike pedal.

Teva Freewheel Bike Sneakers

Teva Freewheel Bike Sneakers

Teva Freewheel Bike Sneakers

Teva Freewheel Bike Sneakers

Teva Freewheel Bike Sneakers

And they really work… the indents link up with the pegs on my pedals to keep my foot in place and in control. The grid pattern just seems to sit on the pedal rigidly, although not fixed so I can move about if I want to. The first time I rode in them I was genuinely surprised at the security they gave me when riding; and of course the fact that I feel sure in my footing means I am getting better power transfer and am able to cycle easier. Great idea.

Teva Freewheel Bike Sneakers

Teva Freewheel Bike Sneakers

I can just imagine myself staring down from the top of a mountain trail ready to go, stood up on my pedals feeling totally confident in these shoes. I really need to get me and my bike to some proper trails.

They are very comfortable, too. The shoes are light and are an absolute perfect fit (true to size) with good secure lacing (the laces themselves are just long enough for me). The upper is thin which makes them flexible and easy to wear. And the tread on the outsole changes at the heel and toe so they are good for walking on all types of surface (the rubber makes them super squeaky in the supermarket though!).

It’s a real shame these are a lovely light coloured suede, though. They are lovely, they look great, the suede means they are breathable and water resistant (not water proof!); but they aren’t going to stay that nice light grey for long. In fact after just a few commutes to and from work they are already looking quite dirty, and suede is not very easy to clean. I don’t mind my outdoors shoes looking used at all, but some GoreTex or something similar would add a great deal to these, and would mean they’d be good for any weather.

Teva Freewheel Bike Sneakers

What I especially like about these is that they look like normal skate shoes. I can wear these all day – no need to carry another pair of shoes in my bag to change into when I arrive. If they did an all black pair then they’d be good for a day in the office too.

The Teva Freewheel Shoes are £60.

Disclaimer: Teva sent me these shoes to try out. I have not been told what to write and have been no less honest as a result of receiving the product for free.


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  1. dakegra

    I really like those – I usually end up in a scratty old pair of trainers or my walking shoes if I’m going off-road, but they look pretty smart. I like the purple too!

    • Splodz

      They do look good, don’t they? These ones came with some nice purple laces, actually, I think I might put those in.

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