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I joined the OnePiece Brigade

If you’ve been following me on twitter recently (and if not, why not?! Get yourself following @Splodz right away!), then you will know that I have given into one of today’s trends that absolutely divides the nation.

That’s right, I now own a onesie.

Not just any onesie I might add, but a rather fabulous original OnePiece jump suit.

OnePiece Marius Onesie

And I am totally and completely sold on the idea – what an amazing invention! So warm, so cosy, so perfect for evenings (and whole Sundays when you’re feeling a bit rubbish) mooching about the house. I know… I can’t believe I’m saying it either!!

It’s ok, I’m not about to head out to the shops or for a walk in the countryside in my traditional OnePiece, no way no way no way! But having relaxed in mine for a few days (no, not constantly, I got dressed in-between), I can honestly say my onesie is my new best friend for the dark, cold evenings sat writing Splodz Blogz posts or in front of the television. Perfect.

OnePiece, a company formed by three friends, invented the original onesie in 2007. The loose-fitting, all-in-one hooded sweatsuits in soft, thick fleece have since become something of a fashion and lifestyle statement.

I chose the Marius because it is the traditional Norwegian design. I’ve always said that if I was ever to buy an all-in-one then it would have this kind of pattern – as a nod to its origins. OnePiece have a wide range to choose from, from plain to well, plain weird; there are blues and reds and greens, reindeer and snowflakes, Angry Birds and One Direction. Do people really buy One Direction onesies? I guess they must, which means there is absolutely something for everyone. The majority of styles are the baggy unisex style, but there are also some fitted designs for ladies if you prefer something with a higher crutch or cinched in waist.

Modelling my OnePiece Marius

I love the Marius. The material is a thick sweater-like cotton and polyester mix (80:20) with fluffy fleece inside. It is perfect for snuggling into; very comfortable. The design is printed onto the material and is good and bright. The ends of the sleeves and legs have a fitted cuff which keeps the OnePiece in place when you’ve moving about (useful for me as the legs are a tad long, unsurprisingly!). The low crutch took a bit of getting used to (not even a bit, really, more like ten minutes the first time I wore it). Oh and I should say I think it’s a bit odd that the zip goes all the way up to the top of the hood – no idea why, but it made LincsGeek laugh (and now you too)!!

Modelling my OnePiece Marius

If you want one of these rather wonderful things, then you can’t go wrong with a On Piece. Really. The quality is far superior to any of the copies I’ve seen on the High Street. Yes, these luxury items come at a premium price, but you are getting a premium product that will last and last.

Because I have fallen in love with my OnePiece so much they have given me a code to share with you. Make sure you enter 31SPLODZBLOGZ at the checkout to get a rather excellent 20% discount. The code is good for any product on the OnePiece site, and so includes all those marvellous jump suits as well as the trackie bottoms and hoodies if you’re still not convinced. Let me know what you order!!

And please don’t judge me!

Disclaimer: I was gifted a One Piece onesie of my choice to encourage me to fall in love with the product and brand. It worked.


15 Responses

    • Splodz

      This one lasts for 20 days so you’d best get ordering! I’ll replace the code with a new one after Christmas but I can’t guarantee it’ll be 20% off…

  1. Pebbles

    What’s your size advice? I’m 5’3″ size 8 but I’d like it baggy!

    • Splodz

      I’m 5’3″ size 10/12 and I went for the small and it is very baggy. I wanted to be sure there was enough material for my thighs, which are larger than average. I’d say you’d be more than comfortable in an extra-small if you’re a size 8.

      If you want a discount code and the one in this post doesn’t work please let me know; I can get a replacement one if needed.

  2. Kevin McEwen

    Yup, I’m sold too…! Do you have a more recent discount code ? Tried the one you suggested but it didn’t work…

    • Splodz

      Hey – I should be able to get a new one organised next week (I’m away at the moment). I’ll post it here.

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