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Ever get fed up of drinking tea? No, me neither, but it’s always good to have an alternative! There is always one of a huge number of herbal or fruit teas to choose from, of course, but as you well know I am really not a big fan of those as they never taste like they smell. Yuk. I’m always up for trying something new, though, and when I received an email from FruitBroo telling me their hot drinks are very different, I thought it was worth a go.

FruitBroo is the brainchild of Mike Brehme, the man behind Clipper Teas. Mike found a way to blend real fruit juices with delicious herbs and spices as a real alternative to tea and coffee when only a hot drink will do. After failing to get the flavour into a tea bag (I know that feeling – I haven’t yet found a fruit tea with a decent enough flavour), FruitBroo became a bag-free hot drink – a syrup.

Fruit Broo Flavours

Making the drink is very simple, as you can imagine. Use a teaspoon or two (I normally use two) in a normal sized mug and top up with hot water from the kettle. Stir so the syrup melts into the water. Then drink!

There are six flavours to choose from – elderflower & lime, peach pear & honey, lemon & ginger, honey & lemon, apple ginger & spice, and rhubarb apple & cinnamon. All the drinks are 100% natural with no caffeine, gluten or dairy and only 15 calories a cup. Each one of those bottles. although small, makes around 15 cups of hot drink.

Fruit Broo

They are very refreshing to drink, and do indeed have an excellent flavour. FruitBroo is so much better than fruit tea – seriously. I like the rhubarb, apple & cinnamon one, and the lemon & ginger is very refreshing.  The Honey & Lemon is rather like Lemsip so would be very soothing when you have a cold. LincsGeek especially seems to like them, choosing them over a decaf tea (and even a hot chocolate) in the afternoons and evenings. I seem to smell the apple, ginger and spice one most often when he makes it, or the peach one. They are definitely worth a try if you want to know what fruity hot drinks should really taste like – I shall certainly be buying more when these run out.

You can find the drinks in Sainsburys or online.

Disclaimer: I received the range of FruitBroo drinks for free to try for Splodz Blogz.


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  1. Corrine

    My granny only drinks lemonade or hot honey and lemon -which has always had to be made fresh until I discovered this. The lemon and honey of this tastes perfect for her and is much simpler and safer.

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