Sleep Well Chocolate Bunny x

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I am very sad to post that our gorgeous little Chocolate died this morning. 

At six-and-a-half she was considered old but not in my eyes.

Sleep well little bunny. Your cuddles and escapades will be greatly missed.

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11 Responses

  1. jennifer thorpe

    Aww Zoe, I’m so sorry and really sad for you. I’ve loved looking at your photos of the bunnies for several years and this is sad sad news. Big hugs. xxx

  2. Hannah

    Hugs Hun, I remember the feeling well from august this year. Our little friend was a similar age. Hope ginger isn’t too sad. You have lots of lovely pics to remember her with xxxx

  3. Sam

    Awww 🙁 So sorry. I can imagine how you feel, I get so attached to my pets and love them dearly. Thoughts to you xx

  4. MunchKim

    So sorry to hear about Chocolate, really hope Ginger doesn’t miss her too much and that remembering all the naughty/fun things they did together brings a smile to your face, even if a teary one xx

  5. Shybiker

    Oh, I’m so sorry, Zoe. You must be sad. We grow attached to other sentient beings. I’m sure Chocolate led a charmed life with you as her companion.

  6. Splodz

    Thank you all for your comments. We miss her greatly. She was only a very little hoppy thing but she was mine and I did love her. It’s hard that she went from perfectly healthy to so broken overnight.

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