My Aloe Gel Experiment

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About a month ago I wrote a short blog post telling you I had started drinking Forever Aloe Berry Nectar every day to see if it helped with my health – specifically my skin, digestive system and immune system. I have been told and have read lots of excellent things about this product, about how it is a “wonder drink”, and after some encouragement from a friend I decided to take the plunge and give it a try.

You drink a small amount of the gel each morning (around 60ml). I wasn’t sure about the taste to start with, but actually after three or four days I discovered that I was enjoying it (I never did try diluting it in the end). It was very easy to get into a routine; I would have it when I was making my cup of tea in the morning as I’d get it and the milk out of the fridge at the same time (see it, drink it!). It became a habit very quickly and I was surprised when the bottle run out – it was a very easy health kick to try!

Forever Aloe Berry Nectar

Here is where I admit that during my 20 day test, I didn’t really notice any of the amazing benefits other people have reported and I was hoping for. I did not notice a marked change in my stomach, skin or circulation, and I still haven’t properly got over that cold I brought back from New York in November (I should probably go to the Doctors about this cough now, shouldn’t I?!).

But then I ran out, and after three or four days of not taking it every morning I started to notice my stomach was much harder and I was much more bloated. Then I realised that I hadn’t felt like that (which is actually quite a normal feeling for me, unfortunately) when taking the gel. Considering I had not done anything else other than start drinking the Aloe Gel (I hadn’t reduced my bread or pasta intake, or started taking any other remedies), it had obviously been making a difference to my digestive system so gradually that I hadn’t noticed until the effects reversed. I simply hadn’t noticed my stomach for three weeks. That’s great!

I then considered other things. I noticed that the skin on my back, chest, shoulders and upper arms seemed much clearer. While the skin on my face is still bad I do think it is a bit better than normal. Still blotchy and spotty but a bit smoother. The fact that my back and chest is much clearer makes me want to keep trying it to see whether my face will follow suit.

I have therefore decided to order some more of the Aloe Gel and continue to take it each morning. I’m looking forward to seeing what effect it will be having on my body in a couple of months time. I am sticking with the cranberry-apple flavour as I know I like that and it is supposed to be especially good for the skin.

If you are interested in trying Forever Aloe Gel I would recommend my friend’s company Forever Bella. She will happily answer any questions you have over on Twitter or on Facebook.

Let me know if you give it a try and how it works for you.

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