Review: Ice Cream in Winter

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Do you eat ice cream in winter? I certainly do. Even on the coldest and most miserable days of winter I can find a use for a nice ice cream. My vanilla of choice for the freezer at home is this – Kelly’s Cornish Ice Cream.

Kelly's Cornish Ice Cream

Kelly’s Vanilla sits nicely in the middle of the broad range of ice creams available from the supermarket. It’s not a cheap watery flavourless soft scoop. But at £4 for a 2 litre tub it won’t break the bank like some of those little 500ml pots you might get for a special treat. And being a proper Cornish ice cream made with local milk and cream, you know you are getting a good quality product that will taste good on its own or accompanying something else.

Kelly's Cornish Ice Cream

On a very cold day the best thing to do with a good vanilla ice cream, in my opinion, is to add it to a bowl of home made hot apple crumble. Oh yes. What more could you possibly want from a dessert?

Kelly's Cornish Ice Cream

Apparently it’s Blue Monday today – as good a reason as any to have a scoop of this stuff after dinner this evening.

Disclaimer: I received a some free ice cream from Kelly’s to try for Splodz Blogz, but it is genuinely the one I buy so I was happy to share.


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  1. Sarah

    I love Kelly’s too, but my favourite is blackcurrant! I hadn’t thought to use the Blue Monday excuse, but it justifies all the chocolates I just ate, so thanks 🙂

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