Bright Trainers Make You Run Faster

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A friend told me the other day that bright trainers make you run faster. Seems a reasonable statement… And with January being the month when everyone seems to want to get fit, it made sense to do a bit of trainer window shopping and bring you a handful of brightly coloured runners to get you up and out.

Brightly Coloured  Trainers from Spartoo

My current runners are black. I love them, they are very comfortable, but the choices above definitely put them to shame! I think it’s true to say that colour and design of running shoes really doesn’t matter – and many people like the “brighter the better” approach. And at least with trainers you don’t have to fall into the “pink for girls” stereotype as there are some great blues, greens, purples and yellows to go for. I think of the ones I short listed in the photo, it’s the New Balance W880 (top right) that really take my fancy – I thin think it’s the orange and yellow outsole!

So go on; get something bright on your feet and get out there for a jog. Okay, okay, I’m going… tomorrow…

(PS I would definitely recommend getting trainers properly fitted if you’re wanting to run seriously. Get to your local running shop for gait analysis and get the right sort of trainers for your feet.)

Disclaimer: I have a partnership with Spartoo which involves me writing posts about shoes available from their online store. I have not been told what to write about and I have been no less honest as a result. 


  1. Holly

    I love these trainers!!I think I probably would be encouraged to run if I was wearing a pair of these just because they look so cool haha! Im not vain at all!! Following you via Bloglovin 🙂 xx

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