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Meet Pluck. Pluck is magical. Pluck will make your kitchen life so much easier. At least that’s what it says on the packet!

Pluck Egg Separator

This strange looking kitchen gadget is an egg separator. It is incredibly simple to use – crack your egg into a bowl, position Pluck over the yolk, squeeze and then release to pick the yolk up, move over a second bowl, and squeeze to put the yolk down. I was sent one to try out by Find Me a Gift.

I did wonder (as I am sure we all do when faced with new, perhaps gimmicky, kitchen gadgets) whether it would actually work. I’ve been tempted by my fair share of rubbish bits and bobs that are actually totally pointless. I wondered if the yolk would break leaving me with an unusable mess of egg. I also wondered if the amount of air squeezed out of the white plastic chamber would be enough to allow me to suck up the yolk at all.

Pluck Egg Separator

It does indeed work. And work well. So easy, and very effective. The yolk very smoothly gets pulled (“plucked”) into the chamber, and then drops easily. I naturally kept the pluck close to the bottom of the bowl – I didn’t want the yolk to fall far, and nothing showed any sign of falling before I wanted it to.

Pluck Egg Separator

It’s a nice looking little thing, too. The white part is soft to the touch and squeezes very easily. The tip is a solid clear plastic with rounded edges. The two elements come apart to make cleaning easy – and they go in the dishwasher too which is a bonus.

Pluck Egg Separator

The question is, and I was asked this when I posted a photo of Pluck on my instagram feed, why do you need one? Well to be perfectly honest, you don’t need one. Not really. You can use your fingers to separate eggs quite easily. Or if you’re good at cracking eggs cleanly you can use the shell itself to do the job. But then you have eggy fingers. I’m told you can apply this sucking technique using an old coke bottle, although I generally don’t have one of those in my kitchen, and certainly wouldn’t keep one in the drawer for this purpose. This little gadget does the job nicely; I like it and, now I have it, I will use it. Bring on the meringue!

Pluck is currently £11.99 from Find Me a Gift.

Disclaimer: I received this mug from Find me a Gift. I have not been told what to write and have been no less honest as a result of receiving the product for free.

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  1. Rosie

    Urgh, the photo of it sucking the yolk up is a little weird!! hehe. Can see why it would be useful, especially in keeping your fingers non-eggy.

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