Making Mini Doughnuts

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One thing I wanted to try in 2014 was making my own mini doughnuts, Homer Simpson style, you know – with pink icing and sprinkles. I received a mini doughnut tray for Christmas which meant I could bake me some doughnuts instead of deep frying them (in the interests of my health!), and so the other Friday evening after work I set to my baking experiment.

I shan’t recreate the recipe here as I used one found over on the lovely Maison Cupcake blog – you can go and read it for yourself there.

Making Mini Doughnuts

It’s quite simple really – make the batter, put a little in each of the individual doughnut shapes on the tray (the picture above shows that I used too much batter for my first batch so the holes weren’t defined), bake, repeat. I seemed to have hundreds of the little rings in no time at all, all sat on my wire rack for cooling while I made the icing.

The silicone mini doughnut tray is brilliant, actually. This one came from Lakeland. It does 20 doughnuts at a time and being silicone is so easy to tip out the baked goods ready to do the next batch. It’s easy to clean too, I’d definitely recommend it.

Making Mini Doughnuts

Once coated in thick pink icing and sprinkles, and given a few minutes to set, my 50 or so doughnuts looked like this… I was rather chuffed with my efforts – they definitely look like The Simpsons doughnuts!

Making Mini Doughnuts

Sadly my doughnuts didn’t look as good as this for long… the icing all soaked in overnight leaving me with slightly pink tinged sticky cakes that looked rather ugly. I suspect either the doughnuts were too warm in the tin I stored them in, were not cold enough when I iced them, or were a tad under-baked – I don’t know which of those was to blame! Thankfully they still tasted good though!

Next time I think I’ll try dipping them in melted chocolate instead of icing, I reckon that would make a rather tasty little doughnutty treat. Feel free to send me your mini doughnut recipe suggestions!

If you have an airfryer, there’s a great recipe for these doughnuts over on this blog.

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  1. Bee

    Wow they look fab. Donuts are very popular in this house. Perhaps I should invest in a donut tray. Or perhaps my scales wouldn’t forgive me if I did!

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