Shorts and Baby Pink Converse?

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I’m going to do it. I’m going to jump on the “we’ve had blue skies for a whole day so it must be springtime” band wagon and suggest it’s time to start thinking about lighter materials and short sleeves. Too early? Quite possibly, but it’s nice to dream of summer!

Oh and yes, I’m also going to feature a cute baby pink. Very girly. Not like me at all, but I have inexplicably fallen a little bit in love with a pair of light pink converse. I don’t know what’s going on!

Spartoo Outfit - Pink Converse

Don’t you think this would make an absolutely lovely warm spring day outfit? Just think – sun, sea, sand, surf… the light pink washed Converse All Stars are just lovely. Yes? I spotted that gorgeous tee over on the Spartoo website too – it’s by Kaporal, a brand I’ve not come across before. The shorts are by Petit Bateau.

Disclaimer: I have a partnership with Spartoo which involves me writing posts about shoes available from their online store. I have not been told what to write about and I have been no less honest as a result. 


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