Calling all Lincolnshire Musicians – Performance and World Record Attempt!

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Ever fancied playing a piece of music with 1,500 people? SoundLincs, who are celebrating their 15th birthday this year, are arranging the opportunity to do just that – the B15 project are looking for enthusiastic musicians and singers of all ages, traditions, interests and abilities to take part in a unique record breaking event.

B15 is one Lincolnshire folk tune, arranged by 15 composers, for 15 genres, for 150 groups comprising 1,500 musicians and singers – it will be live streamed from the Epic Centre at the Lincolnshire Showground on Saturday 3 May 2015. And I will be there doing my bit!

The melody being performed by all these people will be the traditional Lincolnshire Folk Song Lost Lady Found which anyone who has ever played in a Concert Band will recognise well I’m sure. Here’s the earworm for you:

This sounds like the perfect sort of melody to be played by all types of music groups – B15 is open to musicians from rock bands, jazz, orchestra, brass bands, pipes, choirs, and all sorts of others (even Theremin – are you reading Bill Bailey?!). It has been arranged by 15 composers so that each music group type gets a 3-4 minute section of the hour-long piece. That’s right; 1,500 musicians playing a 60-minute long piece of music based on Lost Lady Found. This is going to be loads of fun to be involved in!

B15 LogoI’ve signed up for the event but to be honest it wasn’t the music side of things that caught my attention in the first place, it was the chance to tick something off my bucket list – to take part in a Guinness World Record attempt. The record is for the most people popping bubble wrap at the same time, which currently stands at 366 – no problem! SoundLincs have promised that there will be a musical (rhythmic) element to this, and I have high hopes for what it might sound like!

I’m really excited about this event (which is why I’ve blogged about it) – it sounds like an amazing opportunity for me and my trombone to get involved in something a bit quirky and loads of fun. Apparently there are currently 1,000 people signed up so there is still space for you… for more information and to sign up go to the SoundLincs B15 website.

Please comment below if you/your music group are coming along so I know who to look out for on the day (leave a twitter handle if you have one). I’ll make sure I post the live streaming link when it’s available so those further away can witness it too.



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  1. Teresa

    Fantastic Blog Zoe, Thanks! Look forward to seeing you there. Keep a look out on Facebook for the Live Streaming link 🙂

    • Splodz

      Thank you Teresa – I’m really looking forward to this one; both playing with 1,500 musicians as well as having fun popping bubble wrap!!

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