Year in Photos – Week 11

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A bit late this week – sorry about that!

12 March - Lincoln Swan

Wednesday 12 March – One of our infamous Lincoln swans. It’s showing off time on Brayford Pool – the nest building has started!

13 March - Bicycle Light

Thursday 13 March – Getting ready to cycle to work. A bit foggy today so lights were vital.

14 March - Necklace

Friday 14 March – Beads.

15 March - CrossFit Witham

Saturday 15 March – Did you read about my CrossFit experience?

16 March - Premier Inn

Sunday 16 March – After a very long and boring journey on Britain’s motorways I arrived at my base for the next two days. Thankfully I’ve been guaranteed a good night!

17 March - Spring Daffodil

Monday 17 March – Spotted this discarded daffodil on a wander around Broadwater Lake.

18 March - Homely Cup of Tea

Tuesday 18 March – Home from a busy couple of working days away – sofa and mug of tea, can’t beat it.

All photos taken on my iPhone 5.

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