Review: Delikatessen iPhone Cover from Tucano

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I have tried out a fair few iPhone cases over the last couple of years and I have to say I think this new one I’ve been sent to review is one of my favourites. It is the Delikatessen from Tucano, and it has something I have never seen in gadget cases before – texture.

Delikatessen iPhone Cover by Tucano

Not only does this have a very high quality image on the back of the black case, but it also has a raised pattern on it so you can feel the image as well as see it. I love that! The raised parts make the image stand out even more too; what a great idea.

Delikatessen iPhone Cover by Tucano

There are lots of these designs to choose from – I nearly went for the metal plate one or the wood box which both look fantastic, but ended up choosing the leaf because, well, it’s green! 

Delikatessen iPhone Cover by Tucano

The case itself is quite a rigid polycarbonate structure, but it goes on and off my phone easily (I have a tendency to swap my covers from time to time) and doesn’t feel like it’s about to snap. It has holes where you need them and still sits in my charging dock without any connection problems. It doesn’t add much bulk or weight to the slim iPhone 5, and offers all the protection I am accustomed to for my phone.

Find Delikatessen iPhone covers at Tucano for €16.90.

Disclaimer: I received this case for free for the purposes of this review. I genuinely like it! 


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