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A little while ago now SIGG changed me. Just a little bit. By introducing me to their “Ditch the Plastic” campaign they encouraged me to stop buying single-use plastic bottles of water in favour of carrying around one of their reusable aluminium bottles. Such a simple thing but something that makes an actual difference to our environment by reducing the rubbish that I create.

Since then I have done my best to quit those plastic bottles of water. I haven’t been 100%, I admit that, but the vast majority of the time I will use water from the tap or filter to fill up one of my reusable bottles instead of buying it. I carry my SIGG bottle to work, on my bike, to band practice and church, in the car, on holiday and on the motorbike.

The one and only problem I have with my aluminium SIGG bottle is the racket it makes on my bicycle. I have a metal bottle holder which means it rattles and cries out constantly on my commute to work, I’m sure those living along my route must wonder what on earth that is at 7.45am! Thankfully SIGG have come to my rescue…

New SIGG Viva in Green

New SIGG Viva in Green

New SIGG Viva in Green

SIGG VIVA is a new range of their reusable water bottles. Instead of the aluminium they are traditional known for, these are made from a new polycarbonate – plastic. How does this fit with their “ditch the plastic” ethos? Unlike the bottles of water you buy from the newsagent, these are 100% recyclable, and made from one of the safest, durable and eco-friendly plastics available. The new range is translucent too so you can see how much liquid you have left.

A new generation of high-quality, toxin-free and 100% recyclable polypropylene bottles marks a crowning breakthrough to SIGG’s renowned tradition with aluminium. Delivering quintessential value, versatility and healthier  hydration choices to consumers, SIGG VIVA bottles are built in Switzerland with the same quality and ecological commitment as their aluminium counterparts – only transparent!

My days of waking up the neighbours as I leave for work are over. This 750ml version of the bottle – in bright green, an awesome colour – fits perfectly on my bike giving me lots of water and no noise!

New SIGG Viva in Green on my Bike in Lincoln

One of the main reasons I liked the SIGG aluminium bottle was because I can have any flavour of drink I like in it, wash it out, and never taste that flavour again. It’s my biggest gripe with those cheap plastic sports bottles you get for free with things – any flavour seems to stick so plain water never tastes the same again. I was quite worried about this and for the first week or two I only put water in this so as not to risk it, but I’ve since has various cordials in there and so far, so good – but I’m always careful to wash it out as quickly as possible. I’m not sure if it’ll be the same story after a few months – I’ll let you know if my VIVA starts to smell!

New SIGG Viva in Green on my Bike in Lincoln

I’ve been using my new SIGG VIVA in place of my aluminium version for a few weeks now and I love it. It’s bright, light, stands out, and with that active top is very easy to drink from whatever I’m doing. The aluminium one still has its uses, I’m not ready to give that up yet, but for cycling especially, this is perfect.

New SIGG Viva in Green - Active Top

Disclaimer: Thanks to SIGG for sending me one of the new VIVA bottles to try out – it’s even my favourite colour!


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