Year in Photos – Week 23

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11 June - Microadventures

Wednesday 11 June – Some me-time reading from Alastair Humphreys

12 June - Riding through the Woods

Thursday 12 June – My commute to work captured by my iPhone in my Lifedge case and bike mount.

13 June - Jason Bradbury

Friday 13 June – Jason Bradbury meet MARC, MARC meet Jason Bradbury. I and the absolute pleasure of spending the afternoon/evening with Jason showing him around where I work. Loads of fun!

14 June - Lavender against the Wall

Saturday 14 June – Lavender against the wall.

15 June - Pegs in Basket

Sunday 15 June – All caught up on washing.

16 June - Ginger in a Box

Monday 16 June – Ginger loves a box. Especially when there are treats hidden in the hay.

17 June - Ducks on a Wall

Tuesday 17 June – Three Mallards stood on a wall.

All photos taken on my iPhone 5.

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