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Wow what an interesting bunch of readers I have! You came up with some fantastic ideas for what you would make out of wood if you had the opportunity. I was impressed that only one of you said “a fire”!!!

The winner of the Ely Series Wood Watch by JORD, selected at random from all the valid entries, is Florence Cross. Congratulations Florence I hope you like your new watch as much as I like mine. 

Thank you to everyone who entered. I hope you’ll continue to read Splodz Blogz now you’ve found me!


I haven’t had a competition here on Splodz Blogz for a little while, and this is a rather nice one for you. JORD have given me one of their Ely Series Wood Watches to giveaway to one of my blog readers. The winner can choose the colour from the range over on the JORD website – currently Natural Green (like mine), Black, Cherry or Maple.

Ely Series Wood Watch by JORD in National Green and Maple

If you would like to win one of these really beautiful and one-of-a-kind time pieces you need to comment on this blog post (use the box below) with your answer to this tenuously linked question…

If you could make anything out of wood what would it be and why?

I would love to be able to make something really big and useful, like a massive dining table with chairs or a Welsh dresser. Maybe I’ll just stick to whittling sticks into slightly smaller sticks!

You have until 12noon on Sunday 20 July (UK time) to enter. Good luck!

Ely Series Wood Watch by JORD in National Green and Maple

The Rules

  • This competition is open to UK residents only.
  • You must be aged 18 years old or over at the time of entry.
  • The competition closes at 12noon on Sunday 20 July 2014 (UK time).
  • Entry is by making a relevant comment on this post answering the given question.
  • Entrants must include a valid email address or twitter name in the box provided. This is so I can contact you if you win.
  • You can only enter once. If you post more than one comment only your first will count as entry into the competition.
  • Members of my immediate family cannot enter (sorry!).
  • The winner will be picked at random from all eligible entries and be announced on Splodz Blogz soon after the closing date.
  • The prize is an Ely Series Wood Watch by JORD. The winner can choose the colour.
  • The winner must respond to their email from Splodz Blogz within two days.
  • Your details will only be used for the purpose of this competition.
  • The prize will be sent directly by JORD.
  • You don’t get any extra entries for tweeting or posting about this competition anywhere, but I don’t mind if you do (go on… you know you want to!).
  • Oh… and my decision is final (I like saying that!).

The best way to find out first who won this competition is to subscribe to Splodz Blogz by email or in a reader (I recommend Bloglovin if you haven’t already chosen one). You can also connect with Splodz Blogz on facebooktwitter and instagram – I’d love it if you did!



196 Responses

  1. Corrine Shimmon

    I’d love to have a wooden sax. It’s have to be a small one for the weight, but I imagine it would feel gorgeous and have a fantastic, smooth, mellow tone…

  2. Tracey Peach

    I would make a wooden bunch of flowers. I would use different woods so each individual flower would look different with the grains & colours of wood showing

  3. Wendy K

    A steering wheel and gear lever (for the car I haven’t got). I love driving and I love the feel of wood under my hands. Also wood in a car speaks of old fashioned opulence. A retro fantasy 🙂

  4. MunchKim

    The first thing I thought of as an answer was a chess set, I love to play and having a set I’ve designed and made myself would be amazing but that was quickly followed up by a better idea. I think I’d make myself a Springfield complete with all the characters and add to it each time something new comes up in the game. Just think, it’d be a great excuse to buy real doughnuts and pay myself with them each time I managed to build one of the premium items 😀

      • MunchKim

        I know, and I’m really trying to convince myself that it’s just for an excuse to have doughnuts but it’s not, I’m a TSTO addict (thank you 😀 )

  5. Jane Willis (@janesgrapevine)

    I’d love to make a massive draft storage cabinet with drawers for papers, racks for inkpads and stamps, a shelf for my cutting/embossing machine and boxes for all my bits and pieces, with a flap – down work surface for me to sit at to everything would be to hand.

  6. Elaine K

    Ooh that’s a very interesting question! I think I’d opt for something quite intricate like a wooden family tree (despite knowing I wouldn’t have the skill or patience!). Each branch would represent a member of my family as far back as I can trace with their name etc carefully inscribed & of course I’d leave spare branches for future generations. A great keepsake to pass down & all hand made. I dread to imagine how big it would actually be by the time I’d finished lol

  7. Margaret guest

    I would make a picture frame and put a picture of my family in it and the knots and colours in the wood will show how beautiful wood and family are even with age the more beauty it has

  8. John Millington

    I hate to be simplistic but a nice custom table. Our current one is massive and doesn’t fit properly. A nice custom shaped table with some personal features would be lovely.

  9. lauren pilkington

    i would make a crafting shed. somewhere i could escape from the madness of the house to do what i love 🙂

  10. Doug

    I would like a bicycle made of wood because it would not rust is easily repairable and because wood just feels ‘alive’ to me and has a ‘springiness’ that would absorb road vibrations.

  11. S Edwards

    A wood cabin i have always wanted to be able to live in one 🙂

  12. Zoe G

    I would love to be able to build myself a Dresser, I have started collecting decorative china and want to display it

  13. Jessica Wilde

    I’d love to be able to make my own plant pots… 🙂

  14. Sally Lloyd-Jones

    My ideal would be an all in one, country style, coat and wellington rack with a shoe box seat … decorated with a carving of poppies and corn marigolds!

  15. sue hodges

    love to be able to build one of those seats that goes round a tree – we have a big old apple tree that would be ideal – then could sit under the tree in the shade

  16. C Kennedy

    I’d love to be able to make some wooden serving bowls for BBQs

  17. Eleanor Barley

    I would build a wooden ps4. It sounds crazy, but it wouldn’t be entirely of wood, just the cover. Just think it would look really classy haha

  18. laura youlden

    Rather a simple idea, but I have always wanted to make a lovely crafted jewellery box

  19. Joanne Mapp

    My partner is a carpenter joiner, so I have a lot of bespoke wood items in my house. I am very lucky. However, the one thing he cannot make is a wooden Blu-ray player. It sits on a shelf and looks so ugly .

  20. Marina Wilson

    I’d like to make my own solid wood photo and mirror frames as I love the old fashioned ones

  21. Jack C

    A table – let’s just say my last attempt wasn’t very successful, and I’d like to have another shot at it.

  22. Caroline H

    I’d love to build a wooden house. If I was doing it I know I’d have achieved my dream of moving out of the city to a lovely big luxury log house (preferably set in a wood!).

  23. adele leek

    I think I would LOVE ALL my three bins on wheels in the garden to be wooden instead of plastic.
    OK a bit heavier, but they would look better next to our fencing and a lot more Eco friendly.

  24. Donna

    I would love to be able to make my own design of fire surround, as I know what I want but just can’t seem to find it x

  25. Liz Simpson

    I’d make an iron out of wood – I use it so often it would be nice to have a goodlooking comfortable wooden one that would mellow with age.

  26. Jen Rogers

    A wooden man – he would not answer back – like his Dad a chip of the old block – sorry babe JOKE JOKE!

  27. Hong

    Wooden sunglasses to match the wooden watch. Think they would look fab together!

  28. Sarah Rachel Wray

    I’ve always wanted a garden swinging bench – If I was really clever with woodworking, I’d carve little pictures representing all the members of the family so it would be really personalised and special!

  29. David Reeves

    I would like a car with all wooden bodywork – memories of my lovely ash-furnished Morris Minor estate!

  30. Brigitte Leprince

    A handbag with wooden linked strap because someone would have a hard job cutting it or stealing it from you!

  31. Luke Tutt

    Hmmm something unconventional like a tablet or smartphone.

  32. Paul Wilson

    The cast of TOWIE – they’d be more life-like and wouldn’t need so much spray-on tan.

  33. Thomas gallagher

    A modern version of the old wooden television, but obviously a lot sleeker and slimmer than the old ones, i just think it would look really cool.

  34. katie w

    i’ve always wanted a beautifully crafted welsh dresser with carvings of historical symbols to link in with my hobby which is archaeology.

  35. Kimmie Alex

    I’d make a wooden car! It’d give the term wax and polish a while new meaning and it’d be amazingingly unique although of course it’d have to run in water 😀

  36. Victoria

    I’d love to make a bicycle out of wood because i think it would look really awesome 😀

  37. Rachel Williams

    I would like to make a trumpet out of wood, for the fun of finding out how it would sound and to make a crossbreed of woodwind and brass instruments!

  38. Michelle Ptak

    I would be a wooden person as it would be like when I used to watch the Wooden Tops!!!

  39. David Vessey

    I’d make a wooden laptop, though there might be overheating problems!

  40. Gemma

    I’d make a big wooden T-Rex – RAWR!!! (I am aware this really has no practical use, I just love dinosaurs, I mean, how awesome would that be!)

  41. John W

    I wood (sorry!) make a fancy wooden chess set so that I could fool people into thinking I’m classy

  42. maureen findley

    i would love to carve a figurine using a single piece of wood

  43. Karen Slight

    Think it would have to be a tree house, always wanted one when I was a child and would love one now to share with the grandkids

  44. Emma Jeffery

    A smart wooden satchel or briefcase would be really cool, certainly would be a talking point!

  45. Matt Atherton

    A house, I think houses made with the right wood look spectuacular.

  46. Emma Nixon

    I would love to make a piece of furniture, a sideboard. But my limits are a wonky birdbox!

  47. Adam Chaloner

    A mug. With TEA carved into it. Probably mahogany or walnut.

  48. Jacki Hamer

    I’d make a tree… a funky looking one that I could hang pretty decorations on at Christmas as I don’t like traditional Christmas trees!

  49. Jo Carroll

    An outdoor bath carved out of solid oak and filled every day by a fresh spring water WOOD only be natural.

  50. kellyjo walters

    a nice solid writing desk for my study, my hubby is writing a book and would love this

  51. Liz Marriott

    A beautiful carved, filigree screen for dividing large rooms

  52. Ashley Smith

    Probably a BBQ, make the most of all the good summer weather we are having!

    • Splodz

      I like that everyone else is saying they would make something pretty… you just want to make fire!! Like your thinking!

  53. Miss Tulip

    Oh wow this watch is amazing! I NEED it! I love all things wood. My step dad is a joiner but I don’t think he could make me this watch hehe. As a child I tried to make treehouses from sticks, bits of wood and rope with little luck. Now I am all growed up and have access to the right materials I just don’t have the time to make a treehouse. I hope to build one one day 🙂
    Miss Tulip x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

  54. louiselicel

    my laptop, as I spend a lot the the day using it & would much prefer the feel of wood under my wrists than plastic.

  55. ros lewis

    I’d love to carve a tree, like one that’s been struck by lightning, (No little branches!)

  56. Darren Freeman

    Coins because every time I go through the detector at the airport I always forget that 1 penny stuck in the corner of my pocket…. cue rub down and bag check..annoying!

  57. Janice

    I would make a lovely ornament to sit on top of my new fireplace

  58. Julie

    I wood make a lot of lovely wooden gnomes for the front garden to cheer everyone up as they walked past and give them something to talk about

  59. k walsh

    An adults bike – a bit like the childrens wooden trikes you can get.

  60. Colin Bateman

    A playstation controller, just to remind you that you are still in the real world, and because it would be very unique like the watch.

  61. Barbara Handley

    A wooden case for my laptop computer would be nice.

  62. mark fairhurst

    A bath!! To feel and see the textures of nature whilst relaxing

  63. Florence Cross

    I found the most gorgeous mini, laser cut pine tree in relief in Argentina, which of course I bought. I’d love to make a full size version for all my future Christmases.

  64. Lena Farell

    I’ve always liked the idea of making my own wooden chess pieces. Maybe I’ll give it a go when I’ve retired and have more time 🙂

  65. Lisa Wilkinson

    I’d like to build a little playhouse for my daughter to keep her entertained whilst I’m gardening 🙂


    I would make a wooden car, it would have wooden wheels, wooden body and wooden engine – problem is it probably wooden go 🙂

  67. Ruth G Grover

    I have always admired those wooden benches with carved animals on them….but, for something unusual made from wood, I would like a wooden house…must be amazing to be in the centre of all that natural miracle.

  68. Amanda Milton

    A wooden walking stick,just the right height for my mum,as the ones around are always too tall

  69. Gillian Hutchison

    A wooden mobile phone as it would be a bit different

  70. sam bailey

    Id make a big oversized rocking chair for my bay window so i could just sit rocking and watching the world go by

  71. Sue Dorking

    a dolls house complete with the furniture. I always wanted one when I was little. I finally had a second hand one for Christmas but it was riddled with woodworm and ended up on the bonfire ( although I never knew, believed it had gone to a younger girl)


    a storage unit under the stairs with lots of little compartment to hold everything

  73. Mark Whittaker

    I know it sounds simple , but I would love to make a giant fruit bowl. I love the way the grain of the wood and the knots are accentuated and distorted by the curves.

  74. tam payne

    I would make a new house so I can put my own design in building the house

  75. Mark Palmer

    Petrol – it would instantly become sustainable and I would make a fortune!

  76. kazza ham

    a wooden bicycle so that I could analyse a cyclist in an MRI scanner

  77. Katherine Coldicott

    I’d make a set of wooden building bricks. I remember having a set when I was little & I loved the sound when you clicked them together.

  78. Ali Thorpe

    A house. I realise this is not that unusual but I have a bit of a thing for those Dutch homes that are all wood and glass, really airy and natural.

  79. Teresa Lee

    A play castle for the garden – my son is obsessed with toy castles at the moment, he’d love it

  80. Paul

    A bird feeder. The plastic ones fall to bits in no time. I would just after look out for those pesky woodpeckers.

  81. 2013dogs

    A log cabin which I would build in the middle of a forest so I could enjoy the peace and tranquillity

  82. Patricia Avery

    I would love to build a tree house……for my grandchildren. Actually it is something I have yearned for for over 60 years! It would help if I had a tree in the garden to accommodate it but sadly not 🙁

  83. Lynsey Buchanan

    a kids rocking chair that could be passed down generation to generation

  84. Helen G

    I would love to make some kind of storage unit for beauty products where everything had it’s place. I love a good storage solution 🙂 Fab giveaway! x

  85. Kelly Hooper

    I would really like to remake my GCSE practice sewing box, it was so bad my woodwork teacher announced at the start of our first lesson making our actual GCSE piece ‘Your about to start making your GCSE woodwork piece, you can use any medium you want, except Kelly who will be using metal as that will have the lowest chance of being wrecked by her woodworking skills’

  86. Hannah Smith

    a laptop case.. would be heavy, but feel great

    @smeethsaysfashn on twitter

  87. Leigh Larkin

    A jewellery box for my little girls beautiful Christening presents


    I would make a wooden puppet theatre , because i would love to ban computers in my house for a day and go back to old school fun 🙂

  89. Jane Middleton

    I would like to be able to make sculptures out of wood, those really large scale ones, as decorations for my garden

  90. Emma

    I would like to make a keepsake box for all the little things and photos for my son for when he is older. He is 4 at the moment

  91. Tim Millington

    I would like to make a really good treehouse in the garden

  92. wendy jamieson-price

    a lutens bench for my garden that would be amazing

  93. Hayley Mulgrove

    I would make the biggest wooden bed ever so i had more room at night, as all the kids jump in and kick me out of mine, LOL

  94. cluckyhen0

    A lovely cutlery canteen as we have been fortunate enough to inherit some lovely silver table wear but we have nowhere suitable to store it

  95. helenthemadex

    a memory box for my daughter, I could put her first outfit, her first shoes in it and other things as she gets older

  96. Shelley Jessup

    I’d make some jewellery as I love being creative with beads & silver & I feel I could make some good animal pieces for jewellery, also I would liked to try & make a ring out of wood but it would have to be completely sealed as I want no splinters! My twitter is @jessups but I’ll leave my email in the box below. Thank you x

  97. Jayne B

    A Fijian long boat to sail across the oceans and visit beautiful tropical islands

  98. Wendy Tolhurst (@Tonkatol)

    I would like to make a dresser – my stepfather’s grandfather made a lovely one that i remember growing up with – when my stepfather died, his son took it, but didn’t keep it in the house because it was too big for them, so I would like to make something similar as it was a beautiful piece of furniture and all the engravings on it were a huge talking point.

  99. lyn burgess

    I Would love to be able to make some pull along wooden toys, such as a dragonfly with moving wings, or a duck that waddled

  100. lyn burgess

    forgot to say, because my kids would love them, and my husband would be totally amazed

  101. Dee

    I’d make some garden furniture out of oak so it wouldn’t rot, it would be lovely to have somewhere to sit and dine outside for years to come (when the weather is warm enough!). x

  102. Gale G

    A whole house – no decorating, no floorcoverings, no painting!

  103. Jenni Russell

    I would make a wooden photo frame because i love the look of those =)

  104. Kate O'Neill

    A treehouse for adults. Alas, my skills with power tolls are pretty minimal…

  105. Alisa Moore

    A table lamp as I could be quite creative with the design

  106. Jay Scales

    Anything at all? I’d love a wooden TV & blu ray player. I don’t generally go for shiny black plastic in any other areas of decor, and yet I don’t really have any choice for these. Actually, why stop there? Why not a wooden Ipad and laptop? Wooden pc monitor & house phone? Ban the plastic!!

  107. Suzi Hulbert

    I’d build a big sturdy wardrobe across the length of the bedroom that could also fit all my shoes in as mine has just collapsed 🙁

  108. Laura Costello

    I would make a lovely wooden display case for my living room xx

  109. Amy Beckett

    Oh I would make my very own custom longboard – yeh they are usually made of wood but would love to make one that is suited to me. I decided to take up longboarding at the age of 28. I did my first 10 mile push last week – very proud of myself.

  110. Carolyn Corrin

    I would love to make a beautiful Family keepsake box, to keep all the certificates, e.g. marriage, christening etc plus all the special things my family have made themselves for little handmade cards, little notes, those sort of things.

  111. Hazel Lemar

    I would make a wooden open top car because I would love to ride about in the summer and smile at people’s faces when they saw it drive by.

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