Defining Your Younger Years in Trainers: Nike Air Max

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What shoes define your younger years? I don’t mean what stunning designs were you wearing when you turned 18 and were allowed to wear whatever you wanted. I mean, which shoes did you lust after when you were too young to buy your own? The shoe, or rather the trainer, that defined my young teenage years was the Nike Air Max.

Nike Air Max 90

Nike Air Max 90

All the cool kids had them. Then some of the not-so-cool kids got some too. I remember asking my mum for a pair but was told quite clearly that I couldn’t have branded trainers until my feet had stopped growing. They were way too expensive for growing feet. Until then I would have to stick with sensible trainers from Clarks (did you have CICA trainers?) or other similar shops. I was okay with that, honestly, and these days I am actually quite pleased my mum didn’t give in to my requests, I had what I needed. When my feet did stop growing I was treated to a pair of Reebok Hexalites from Riceman’s in Canterbury – I remember vividly going to get them!

I eventually got a pair of black leather Nike Air Max’s when I was about 16. I loved them and lived in them, they were perfect. I’d love another pair, for old time’s sake.

Running at Brickfields - Number 44What trainers defined your younger years? Did you also do all your primary school sporting activities in a pair of white and green Dunlop plimsolls?



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