Giveaway: Walking Goodies from #MySwissKit

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Knowing that I enjoy a good walk, Inntravel sent me a little Switzerland-themed present this week.


Inntravel specialise in slow holidays, that is to say, holidays which reveal the lesser-taken path and which offer a truly individual holiday experience. I love the idea of a walking holiday. A couple of years ago I stayed in a lovely relaxing lodge for the weekend in order to complete the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge on one of the days, and next year am planning on doing the same in order to climb Snowdon. There’s also a silly idea for a very very long walk I’m thinking about at the moment, and I’ll share more details about that once I’ve worked out if it’ll ever be possible. But this isn’t quite the same as what Inntravel offer – walking holidays are relaxed, laid back, and allow you to see parts of the world in great detail.

At the moment they are especially promoting their Swiss walking holidays, which is why my gift includes a rucksack with the Swiss flag, a Swiss Army Knife, a SIGG Switzerland themos and some rather lovely (and now all-gone) Swiss chocolates.


I’ve been given a second one of these walking kits from Inntravel to giveaway to one Splodz Blogz reader. To be in with a chance of winning fill in the Rafflecopter widget below by midnight on Wednesday 27 August. One winner will receive their own #MySwissKit from Inntravel. Good luck!

Giveaway: Walking Goodies from #MySwissKit

(I’m trying out Rafflecopter for the first time on this giveaway – let me know if you prefer it/hate it/have a better idea!)

The Rules

  • This competition is open to UK residents only.
  • You must be aged 18 years old or over at the time of entry.
  • The competition closes at midnight on Wednesday 27 August 2014 (UK time).
  • Entry is via the Rafflecopter widget.
  • Members of my immediate family cannot enter (sorry!).
  • The winner will be picked at random from all eligible entries and be announced on Splodz Blogz soon after the closing date.
  • The prize is #MySwissKit walking goodies.
  • The winner must respond to their email from Splodz Blogz within two days.
  • Your details will only be used for the purpose of this competition.
  • The prize will be sent directly by Inntravel’s PR company.


203 Responses

  1. tracyknixon

    I’d love to walk around the Isle of Arran, off the west coast of scotland! When I was younger I cycled it with my older brother and it took us 2 days! I think I would enjoy walking it now that I am older and stay at little b&bs along the way, whilst enjoying the views x

  2. jodie crossley

    i would love to go walking in sweden, the views would be amazing!

  3. Bee Mears

    This walking kit would help me along the South West Coast path. I only manage small sections at a time but it is so beautiful especially around the Lizard Peninsula.

  4. Gemma Snell

    Either the Yorkshire wolds or the Pennine way, ive always been a good walker and used to walk for miles over the nature reserves so i think i could do it 🙂

  5. Barbara Handley

    The Heart of England Way. It ends in the most beautiful village of Bourton-on-the-Water. I would have to do it in stages though as it is very long.

  6. John Forbes

    Getting the urge to do the West Highland Way, just have to up my distances a bit.

  7. MunchKim

    I’d love to go walking in New Zealand. The main reason isn’t just because they don’t have any dangerous creepy crawlies (although that is a huge bonus!) but because the photo’s that D has got from his time there are amazing and from what he’s told me about it, I know I would love it. Now to just get fit and get going 😀

  8. christine shelley

    The Chatham Islands 200m off the coast of New Zealand, why ? my relatives live there

  9. Sally Ann Savo

    I’d love to go for walks in the Lake district, I’ve never been but I’ve never heard anyone who’s gone and not liked it. Also, the pictures look amazing.

  10. Judy

    I would love to do the coast to coast walk from St Bees to Robins Hood Bay because it looks so beautiful and I love the idea of walking from one ocean to another.

  11. william rutherford

    USA east coast all the way to the west cost would be the best experience of my life.

  12. belinda hendry

    I would like to go walking in the outback in Australia with someone who knows what they doin

  13. Victoria

    I’d love to walk the Appalachian Trail as it would be such an awesome challenge and accomplishment 🙂

  14. Liz Briggs

    I would love to walk the coasts of the UK – especially Scotland and Wales 🙂

  15. Fiona King

    Would love to go walking in Switzerland in Summer – stunning scenery, cows with bells on, impressive Alps and fresh, clean Alpine air

  16. Pamela G

    Thanks for letting us enter the competition. I sorts like rafflecopter it makes it easy to do but I’m not sure whether it actually means someone gets many more entries.

  17. melanie stirling

    Switzerland,I did some walking in Austria a few years ago and it was beautiful,I think Switzerland would be the same.

  18. Phil Darling

    round the north Norfolk coast – great walks and great beer – all you need for a great day

  19. Anthony G

    The Lake District – I’ve never been and I’ve heard it’s a beautiful place! 🙂

  20. Lucy

    Slovenia because it’s where my fave book Veronika Decides to Die is set.

  21. Tracy Hanson

    Not brilliant with hills (due to medical reasons) so somewhere flat like Holland would be amazing and my fav footballer player is Dutch as well (sorry random comment for the day – especially when he plays over here). 🙂

  22. karen cowley

    The great wall of china, for an amazing experience and stunning views

  23. Christopher Packer

    Through the rain forests of Borneo. The wildlife there would be a joy to watch and photograph and rain forests are just beautiful. would be sad to loose them to logging so would be blessed to walk them while they are still there

  24. Harry Sutton

    The Mariner’s Way in Devon. Full of interesting views and history

  25. elaine dale

    would love to walk the Pennine Way just so I could say I’d done it

  26. tracey Thompson

    I would love to walk somewhere in the south of france, never been there as yet

  27. Julie Tift

    I would love to go walking around the Welsh coastline as I spent some time there as a child and would love to return.

  28. K.C.Mankell

    Somewhere safe? So possibly England. Not too far from home. There are some nice spot around Sheffield where I reside, so perhaps around the reservoirs would be nice.

  29. Spencer Broadley

    I adore the Yorkshire Dales, beautiful and close to my upbringing

  30. pete c

    through the wilds of Kakadu National Park, as full of wildlife and Aboriginal art, it would be quite fascinating

  31. Anneka Hulse

    I would love to go walking around the Aztec pyramids in Mexico

  32. Lyla

    I’ve always wanted to walk the Inca trail – what a fantastic experience that would be!

  33. Kat Lucas

    I would love to go walking on the Oregon Coast as I used to visit in the summers with my grandparents and it was stunning beaches that went for miles and miles.

  34. claire griffiths

    i would love to go walking around the peak district as its looks so beautiful there

  35. lauren tourle

    i would like to go walking in Sweden, im not sure why but ive always been obsessed with the place. I would also like to walk in the welsh mountains as that’s where I come from 🙂

  36. Sam Williams

    along the Amalfi coast, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been

  37. Andrea Williams

    I would love to walk around Washington DC, I think it would be fascinating to see everything I’ve seen in West Wing!

  38. P Bradbury

    I would love to go walking around New Zealand, especially the alpine regions on the South Island because I love the clean air and amazing fauna you can see that are unique to NZ.

  39. Allan Wilson

    Iceland – Would love to walk around the untouched wilderness.

  40. Samantha Sharpe

    I would love to walk the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela having recently read a magazine article about it, for self cleansing and to find spiritual peace xx

  41. sarah davison

    the lake district because it’s so peaceful, beautiful and holds a lot of very special memories for me x

  42. Charlotte Hoskins

    I’d love to go walking in Alaska – the amazing views and wildlife 🙂

  43. Angela Williams

    Chester walls – we love chester and every time we have visiting we have never managed to walk the walls either due to push chairs or not enough time.

  44. Andrew Halliwell

    somewhere exotic, but politically stable and relatively disease free… 🙂
    Not fussed, just want to expand my horizons a little.

  45. Eleanor Powell

    I would love to walk the Great Wall of China – just such an amazing feat

  46. Sally Rose

    I always enjoy snowden, great memories of childhood for me there

  47. Michelle Ferguson

    Would love to go walking in Borneo and see the orangutans

  48. Janet Coates

    Milford Track, New Zealand
    It’s said to be the ‘finest walk in the world’

  49. Kristy Brown

    New Zealand – I fell in love with it after watching the LOTR and would love to pack up my rucksack and go for a Hobbit trek!

  50. androidyandy

    I would like to walk around the coast of England, Wales, and Scotland – Entered, liked, & shared – Thank you for the opportunity to win a great prize and be in a wonderful competition – Thanks again 🙂

  51. Lyndsey Beckford

    The Swiss Alps because I’ve seen pictures of it and it looks so beautiful. I like photography so it would be fabulous to take some photos there.

  52. Angela Paull

    I’d love to walk around the viewing platform in the Grand Canyon – but don’t think I’d have the nerve!! Imagine the view though 🙂 I’ll just stick to walking along the bottom maybe 😉

  53. Kirsty Woods

    I walk all the time, there are lovely country walks where i live

  54. Caroline Howard

    Peak district, I’m reading a book about it at the moment an it sounds amazing

  55. Claire Barker

    Borders Abbeys Way in Scotland. For the scenery, the History and the air.

  56. Chris Fletcher

    I’d love to go walking along the Lycian way in south Turkey, as we recently went sailing off the coast and the scenery was spectacular, and the landscape littered with historical treasures with almost no-one about! We only saw glimpses so I’d love to return and explore this enigmatic region!

  57. joanne liddement

    I would love to go walking in Madeira following the Levadas up into the mountains.Have heard that Madeira is beautiful and this is the best way to see the island without getting lost.

  58. Bernadette Willis

    I’d love to have a leisurely walking trip through France and down into Spain. It would be magic to visit everywhere and see whatever one felt like stopping for

  59. Sarah Addison

    I would love to walk the Inca trail and Machu Picchu as the history and culture of the Incas is fascinating.

  60. Nicola Holland

    The Amazon Rainforest – to appreciate it before if disappears 🙂

  61. Laura Whittle

    Austria – I go for the skiing but know the scenery in the Summer is out of this world.

  62. Jackie Chapman

    The Great Wall of China – I’ve always been fascinated by it!


    I would like to walk around the county I live in. Its all so near but so far away in a car I am sure I have missed loads of natural beauty right on my doorstep.

  64. Zoe lucas

    I would love to walk around the uk So many amazing things to see 😀

  65. gilla01

    I like gentle walks and warm weather – definitely not too hot or too cold. Rambling through the forests of Norfolk seems fine to me. Sandringham is lovely and has some lovely walks to go on.

  66. Emma Price

    I’ve always fancied going for a walking holiday in Peru…maybe one day!

  67. Justina Howells

    Along the coast of a Hawaiian island to watch the massive waves, that would be perfect!

  68. Soni

    I would love to go walking in the Lake District because the scenery is stunning.

  69. stephanie Whitehouse

    La Palma – went but didn’t get to do much walking, and saw so many temping trails

  70. tracey baker

    I would like to do the coast to coast walk across the country you take in three national parks and walk nearly 200 miles.

  71. Stevie

    I’d love to go to the Outer Hebrides when an aurora is due. That would be amazing.

  72. Michelle lintern

    Would love to walk along the wall of china to soak up the history

  73. Sarah Parker

    yellowstone national park because it is so beautiful and great wildlife

  74. Lisa Wilkinson

    I’d like to walk in the Smokey Mountains in the USA because they just look so beautiful 🙂

  75. Samantha McDonough

    The Scottish Highlands – not seen nearly enough of Scotland.

  76. Kevin Bloomfield

    Would love to walk along the Nile or The Amazon (with a guide of course!).

  77. Raych Bonness

    Somewhere in America would be lovely – they have amazing national parks

  78. Deb Hambleton

    New Zealand – my boyfriend has backpacked there and has such amazing photos that i want to see it myself

  79. claire little

    i love scotland everytime 🙂 there’s nowhere like home 🙂

  80. Jamie

    To the South pole as I love the cold and snow, but I think it will be TOO cold with TOO much snow lol!

  81. Gail Bennett

    I’d love to have the time and funds to be able to walk all round the coast of the UK, we live in such a beautiful country and with such variety of countryside 🙂

  82. katie skeoch

    I’ve got Mount Everest base camp on my bucket list – it would be an adventure

  83. diana hague

    anywhere in the world, as long as i have my family with me… it will be enjoyable

  84. Rachel Craig

    Italy, as it is a beautiful country with friendly people, and delicious food etc.

  85. Sam Furniss

    I’d love to go walking in Canada, I’ve never been but it looks beautiful and the air so clean.

  86. Lindy Hine

    I’ve always fancied walking in the Swiss alps – it looks so clean and picturepostcard pretty!

  87. Phillip James Davies

    The Wales Coast Path – To visit the spectacular scenery and the variety of landscapes!

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