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I doubt that the significance of yesterday’s date passed you buy. St Valentine’s Day, a day when traditionally we are encouraged to treat our loved one to something special to demonstrate how much we love them. Cards, chocolates, flowers, dinner for two, teddy bears, soppy poems, five star hotels, jewellery, romantic comedy movies – these are things we are supposed to share with our loved ones.

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I just find all it a little bit annoying. I have no problem with couples showing their love for each other by purchasing gifts or organising holidays or meals out. That is absolutely fine, it’s a nice thing to do. I also have no problem with people sharing those things on social media, telling their “better half” they love them in a Facebook status or showing me the most enormous bunch of flowers or beautifully cooked steak in an Instagram photograph. What’s annoying is how the shops all turn pink and red with hearts and other soppy things, making us feel like we have to partake in the most loved up day of the year or we obviously don’t love anyone properly, while increasing prices and selling horrible and tacky products. Marks and Spencer’s was absolutely heaving on Friday lunch time, full of people buying a £20 meal for two ready for the weekend; I even noticed someone purchase a £50 bunch of roses. £50!!!

We end up shopping to “show our love” out of guilt rather than out of any desire to treat our better half to something we know they would like. And that is a real shame.

If you are in a relationship and you had an awesome Valentine’s Day, maybe even weekend, then that is wonderful. But if your partner didn’t bother with flowers and chocolates it’s not something to be resentful over. It’s really not that important. What is important is the ability to make each other smile every day.

Here’s an idea. How about, between now and Valentine’s Day next year, do your best to make your loved ones smile every single day. That might include buying a gift, but equally it might not. Make something, cook something, organise a day out, go on an adventure, reminisce about your favourite holiday, get a takeaway and watch a movie, go for a walk along the seafront, climb a big hill and hold hands while taking in the view, or just use words and tell your partner what they mean to you accompanied by a hug and a kiss. Don’t wait for those Hallmark dates of anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s – do it today (yes, even the day after Valentine’s!). Do things together that create memories that will cause those smiles to break out every single day.

Life is all about the journey. Show your loved ones what they mean to you all year round.

PS: The shops will soon be filled with Mother’s Day paraphernalia. Why not call your mum today and have a chat… don’t wait x


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