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Any regular, or even occasional, reader of Splodz Blogz will know that I have one absolutely humungous bucket list. And that list is still growing – I add something to it at least once a week, and there are way more things on there than I will ever be able to complete. But for me it isn’t actually about ticking things off a list, it is about experiencing what life has to offer and creating some fabulous memories to last a lifetime.

When I came across The Bucket List Life a couple of months ago I was very happy. In it I have found a whole bunch of people who think the very same way that I do. There are over 1,000 people in the community who each have their own bucket list, and all want to encourage others to make the most of their lives by trying new things. They also offer to share their experiences and knowledge with others in order to inspire, and where possible facilitate others to tick something off their own list.

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If you have a bucket list then you should definitely check out The Bucket List Life. The regular podcasts offer plenty of inspirational stories as well as helpful advice, and the blog is full of encouragement too. Sign up and you can join in with the constant chit chat about what people are up to, and get lots of ideas and help with your own bucket list goals.

With The Bucket List Life and all they stand for in mind…

Can I help you make one of your bucket list items happen?

Do you want to take part in a challenge that I have already completed and would like some advice about it? Is there something you need for one of your bucket list items that I can help you get hold of? Is there something on my bucket list (that I’ve ticked off or not) that you really want to do that we could do together? Do you need some help with something you’re planning and think my skills might be handy?

And in the spirit of sharing… Can you help me make one of my bucket list items happen? Do you have a skill I am looking to learn? Are you organising an event that I would love and can invite me along? Is there something you think I simply must add to my list? Do you have some encouraging words that might make all the difference in my next challenge?

Living The Bucket List Life is about having experiences and sharing those experiences. Life is all about the journey – let’s make the most of it!

Check out The Bucket List Life, listen to the podcasts, watch the videos, sign up and join in. And know that I’m serious about that offer of help – just give me a shout and if I can, I will.


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    • Splodz

      Hope you find it useful. Let me know if you sign up and if I’ll see you over in the facebook group.

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