Bryt: Happy Socks (And an Extra Kickstarter Reward)

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>> Find out how you can win a colourful Apple watch and get extra free socks for backing Bryt at the bottom of this post <<

Earlier on in the month I was encouraged to share with you one of my guilty pleasures, and I chose to talk about my love of county music. But there is another guilty pleasure in my life that I feel the need to share after coming across something very cool on Kickstarter.


Aren’t socks wonderful? They are in my book. I mean, they are comfortable, cosy, help us look after our feet, and if you get a nice pair, look and feel awesome. I love having nice socks; for both everyday casual and work wear as well as to team with my hiking boots to help me walk further. They aren’t just for our feet any more, either, I’ve recently treated myself to a pair of CEP Compression Socks, the ones that are supposed to help our feet and legs recover from exertion, and I have fallen in love again! More about those another time.

Earlier this week I came across a campaign on Kickstarter that appealed very much to my love of socks. I’ve never actually backed a crowed funded campaign before, but broke my Kickstarter cherry (as it were) for this particular one. So I had to share!

Bryt Socks

Bryt are aiming to become the first colour only clothing company, offering all kinds of brightly coloured clothing. But first they are going to to make the brightest most colourful socks, engineered to make you smile.

Have you ever caught yourself wearing dull colours? Greys and blacks. Colours that make you blend into the background? Have you ever felt one of many? Blending into the crowd? We did, and we know we weren’t alone.

We thought about an item that most of us wear everyday. An item that can be used to stand out or just hint a little va va voom. We instantly knew the solution was socks. What if you pull on a Bryt sock and you felt alive, like an individual, in control, causing more confidence and a happier life? We landed on the Bryt sock.

Apart from the colour side of things, very importantly the socks are being made from the best combed cotton, and they are manufactured here in Britain.

Bryt Sock Composition


Back Bryt and Win a Colourful Apple Watch!

If you love socks and feel like backing the Bryt campaign like I have done, I have an extra special treat for you. Bryt are offering my readers the chance to win a colourful Apple Watch (as colourful as their socks). Very cool. They have offered me this prize to hopefully help them with their last push for crowd funding over the next week, and I was delighted to support.  Think of it as a Bryt thank you for helping them reach their target and be on track to launching their products this summer.

To enter, go ahead and back the campaign (any level of your choosing – you can support Bryt from just one pound), and when you receive your thank you email from Bryt, reply to them saying that you heard about Bryt from Splodz Blogz.

Not only that, if you choose one of the levels that includes socks (from £6), Bryt will add one extra pair of socks to your order free of charge from the new range as an extra thank you for your support.

Back the Campaign | Reply to your Thank You Email | Win a Colourful Apple Watch

Bryt - Eden Socks

You only have a week – the campaign closes at the end of May (Sun 31 May 2015 10:45am BST), by which time Bryt are hoping to have raised £18k to help them launch their new range of very cool socks. They only have just under £3k to go, which should be doable. Oh and if you are one of my American readers, they ship there too.

Go on… my feet will certainly thank you!


This competition and extra socks give-away is run by Bryt and not Splodz Blogz. To win an Apple watch you must back the campaign (pledge at least £1 via Kickstarter) and reply to your thank you email saying you were referred by Splodz Blogz to be entered. There will be one winner and there is no cash alternative. The extra free socks are available to those who pledge over £6 (any of the levels including socks). 

This is not a sponsored competition. I have backed the campaign myself and Bryt thought my readers might like a bit of incentive to do the same.


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