30 Days Wild

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Monday marks the start of The Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild campaign. The organisation, who look after 47 separate Wildlife Trusts (each one a charity) and over 95,000 hectares of land in the UK and Isle of Man and Alderney, are encouraging us all to make room for nature by doing something wild every day throughout the month of June.

30 Days Wild - The Wildlife Trusts

You all know that I love to get outdoors, and so doing something in nature every day for a month is like music to my ears. I dutifully got myself the guide and wall chart and am going to do my best to something wild each day. Life is busy, there is an awful lot going on for me in June, but that’s the point – it is possible to make time for nature even with a full diary.

Often campaigns such as these are aimed at families with children, encouraging young eyes away from screens and into the great outdoors (always very commendable); but what about us adults? There is obviously lots of stuff for kids in this campaign, but thankfully The Wildlife Trusts want us to get involved too by getting out and doing things in nature for ourselves – enjoying what there is outside, having our own wild moments, and maybe reminding ourselves what fun it can be. There is so much to be discovered and explored, this is our excuse.

Research has shown that spending time in wild places can help you feel happier and healthier; and that right there is the perfect reason to get involved. And of course the more people there are who make nature part of their life, the more people there’ll be to help protect and restore it, which is what The Wildlife Trusts are all about.

The Lyke Wake Walk – camping and hiking in the North Yorkshire Moors – will most definitely count as making the most of nature, as will heading up into Aviemore in Scotland at the end of the month for a holiday on our bikes (via the gorgeous Northumberland coast). Apart from that I’ll be busy working so there will be lots of lunch time walks along the river, smelling flowers in the local park, picking dandelions for Chip bunny to munch on, and generally spending as much time outdoors as possible. I might even make a daisy chain using the little patch of daisies I noticed by the side of our house the other day.

There are lots more ideas in this video:


If you’ve not seen any information about the campaign yet it’s not too late to sign up and get your guide – do it now and you’re not even playing catch-up as it’s not June until next week! Head over to The Wildlife Trusts for more details. You can also follow them on twitter @30DaysWild or using the hashtag #30DaysWild.

Go on… join me and do some wild things in nature in June. And feel free to add your wild suggestions in the comments below.

30 Days Wild - The Wildlife Trusts


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  1. MargotBarbara

    Can’t believe I missed this – I would have loved to get involved from the start. I’ll have a go at doing it anyway, and will follow your adventures with interest! Absolutely agree about the natural environment being good for mental and physical health. And good luck for Lyke Wake!

    • Splodz

      It’s definitely not too late to get involved – I’m sure you’ll come up with loads of ways to get wild this month. Today I will be doing something very quick at lunch time as I’m stuck in the office and then in the car, but it all adds up. And thanks… I shall take that luck and use it!

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