30 Days Wild – Days 8-14

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30DaysWild - Open Field

Day 08 – Monday

I was told when out cygnet spotting last week that there is a massive pike that lives in the bit of river one of the nests was on. So at lunch time I walked along to see if I could spot it swimming along. I didn’t. To be honest I have no idea what I’m looking for, but I love the idea of a monster fish making this little stretch of river its home.

Day 09 – Tuesday

I ended up taking my lunch break at the end of the day today and going home early, which meant I could spend time in the garden doing a bit of tidying. We are being encouraged to keep an area of our garden wild but when your lawn is about 3m square and it’s right in the middle of the yard the grass does need to be kept trim or everything looks small and incredibly messy. If we ever re-do the garden I want a bed all the way along the wall instead of decking so I can have wild grasses and flowers that can be left to grow tall to encourage wildlife in that area. Anyway, Chip bunny loves it when I get the lawnmower out as he gets to bury himself in the cuttings and eat his way out!

30DaysWild - Poppy

Day 10 – Wednesday

A day of meetings at work but a working lunch with the most gorgeous views from the top floor of the Doubletree by Hilton across Lincoln meant we could enjoy the bright blue sky and Brayford Pool from inside.

Day 11 – Thursday

What a glorious sunny day! It was already warm when I got up so I put the washing on the line in bare feet – so nice to feel the grass between my toes.

Day 12 – Friday

I was treated to so much wildlife on my short walk up on the ridge this afternoon. I stood and watched a bee go about its business, there were beetles and wasps, the start of the wheat crop, nettles and cow parsley as tall as me, poppies, the start of the wheat crop in all the same green colour, and a stunning looking brown hare that hopped along with me for a bit before darting down the hill to meet up with his family. I am so blessed to have natural and wild spaces so close to home, it’s a privilege to walk amongst the things that call it home.

30DaysWild - Bee

30DaysWild - Thistle

30DaysWild - View

Day 13 – Saturday

Not quite the amazing 30 Days Wild effort I was anticipating (read about why we called off our Lyke Wake Walk attempt), instead a short walk in the rain to get some veg from my local farm shop. I do my best to buy local where I can, supporting the farms I can see from my house and walk through on my favourite trails. Making the most of nature isn’t just about hare and bee watching, but also about thinking about where what we put on our plates comes from.

Day 14 – Sunday

I don’t think our garden is very bird friendly, mainly because next door’s cat likes to sit and relax on our decking. However today it was raining, the cat was stuck indoors and our garden was full of birds. I put some food out for them and they soon gobbled that up; I’m sure there is a nest somewhere on our roof as I could hear very loud chirping and a couple of the larger birds made several trips to my little blue plate of goodies. I don’t know much about birds but I think the nicest bird I spotted was a pie wagtail – but I could be wrong about that!

30DaysWild - Hare on the Ridge


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  1. Kezzie

    Hi Zoe! What a lovely diverse set of actions you partook in! Love the ridge walk- sounds delightful! I also anticipated taking long weekend walks and it just didn’t happen!!x

    • Splodz

      I am blessed to have some nice walking trails so close to my front door. I walk them a lot but never grow tired of them. Life often gets in the way, I’m learning from 30 Days Wild that nature can be enjoyed every day even for a couple of minutes.

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