30 Days Wild – Days 15-21

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Day 15 – Monday

Started the week off well with a cycle ride into work. We laughed at the Mallards who were super active in the morning – they are normally all huddled up snoozing as we ride along the path by the river, but today there was quite a commotion as they were quacking and waddling all over the place. You’ll be pleased to know we managed to dodge them all, and that by home time they’d returned to normal and were sat sunning themselves.

Bicycle Tyre

Day 16 – Tuesday

Had a long day at work today with no time for lunch time exploration, so after a late dinner I sat and watched Attenborough’s Big Birds on the tellybox. It was actually very educational… I was particularly taken with the herding efforts of the male Rhea, who was basically shepherd to his group of females. It’s here on iPlayer if you’re interested.

Day 17 – Wednesday

Today was all about the sky. It was a windy and cloudy day which meant even in the short time I was wandering around at lunch time the view was constantly changing. Oh and then the clouds turned a very dark bluey grey colour – no filters on these shots! Thankfully it didn’t rain until I was back inside, but it was quite a display from the sky showing its potential power.

Sky over Brayford Pool, Lincoln

Sky in Lincoln

Day 18 – Thursday

I went geocaching for the first time, which involved some exploring in a local green space. I enjoyed my first taste of this popular past time, it was an interesting way to enjoy nature in my lunch break.

Day 19 – Friday

I have been trying to avoid buying any food or beauty products that contain micro beads and palm oil for a while now, in the interests of doing my bit to save the planet. It’s actually really hard, especially the palm oil, as the labels are not always accurate (palm oil can be labelled simply as “vegetable oil”). Today I checked through any old stuff in the cupboards and brought those things to the front to use next; of course there is little point throwing them out now I have them as they have already been bought (no point creating extra waste). Try these sites for more information about micro beads and palm oil.

Day 20 – Saturday

The closest I came to nature today was sitting in the car watching it whizz by as we drop to Yorkshire and back for a music rehearsal and concert. It was quite relaxing watching the scenery instead of keeping my head in social media.

Day 21 – Sunday

It’s cherry eating season! It’s great to enjoy local and seasonable fruit and vegetables.


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  1. Kezzie

    Hi Zoe! I enjoyed reading of your exploits! Mmmmm, cherries, good idea! My random act of wildness yesterday also involved geocaching which I was excited about. It’s a while since I found one! The documentary is a great idea, I might pinch that idea!x

    • Splodz

      Another documentary for me today, too, been at home off sick so no exploring the great outdoors sadly.

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